STAR WARS: The Force Awakens Collection by COVERGIRL – Red Lips!

We are back again with another Star Wars CoverGirl Exclusive Sneak Peek! Today we were testing out the Red Lipstick. To see our other previews check out…

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Amanda McDonough is an actress and an advocate who loves Star Wars because “the films and books transport you to a different place”. “Star Wars has romance, action, adventure, and encourages people to use their imagination”, she says. How did Amanda like the Red Force Awakens lipstick? “One can never go wrong with red lips. I love this shade. I want to leave here wearing this color.”
Amanda red 1 Amanda red 2 Amanda red 3
Princess Leia hoodie by Her Universe
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Crix Lee is a podcaster and voice actor, her love for Star Wars stems from the fight between good and evil inside each of us. “In Star Wars only one man (Palpatine) was truly evil and he met his fate at the hands of his own creation when his love for his own son conquered that of the dark side”.  How did Cricket feel about the red lipstick? “It’s pretty good and looks good on virtually any skin tone, but it does come off on your teeth”.
Cricketred1 cricketred2
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Erika Ishii is an actor and host of Geek and Sundry’s Twitch Stream. When it comes to Star Wars you don’t need to ask Erika about allegiances because she is a supporter of the Rebels… “Ewok’s don’t support the empire”, she says. How did she feel about the red lipstick? “the red looks nice and stays put pretty well”.
Erika red 2 Erika Red
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Jessica Hendrickson is an actor, archer, and scientist. Jessica also loves that Star Wars is “a classic tale of good versus evil, where good prevails (SPOILER*). It introduced me to the idea that we are all vulnerable to circumstances of life but we have a choice in how it effects us.” Jessica’s thoughts about the red lipstick, “I really like the red, a fun and bright color and super easy to apply”
jess red 1 jess red 2
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Kat Andrusco is an actor and bartender. Kat lists her makeup staples as 1)Mascara 2)Red lipstick 3)highlighter 4)blush. So, what did this red lipstick connoisseur think of the new Star Wars Red? “It is alright, not my favorite shade of red. I do enjoy that it has a bit of gold in it. Application wasn’t too hard and removal is easy. But, it is too slick and shiny for me. Very easy to get all over your teeth”, Kat said.

Kat Red 2 Kat Red 3
Kat’s hoodie is by Her Universe (
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We would love to thank all our ladies and of course CoverGirl for this sneak peek!
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