STAR WARS: The Force Awakens Collection by COVERGIRL – Gold Lips!

Fashionably Nerdy is so lucky to have gotten a sneak peek of the new Star Wars Force Awakens Makeup Line from CoverGirl and we thought we would invite some of our Geek Chic friends over for a makeup playdate to try the line and share their thoughts with you. We made sure to use the products and give honest feedback without using any extra products. We will post blogs with their opinions on the line leading up to the release of their launch on September 4th, 2015. None of the packaging for the lipsticks had names on them yet, we are assuming once it hits stores it will! Please note: we did not use any lipliners with these lipsticks!

Last time we posted the Dark Purple Lipstick you can see that blog entry here…

Today we are featuring the Gold Lipstick…
First up we have actress and advocate Amanda McDonough
Amanda loves Star Wars and is a “Rebel all the way!”. She started watching the series because Natalie Portman is her favorite actress and after seeing The Phantom Menace she was hooked! “The gold lipstick is so fun! I can think of a few dresses or cosplays I would love to wear this with. It’s subtle but adds a golden shine that looks otherworldly”

Amanda gold 1 Amanda Gold 2
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Next up to try the look was Voice Actor and Podcaster Cricket Lee
Cricket’s love of Star Wars comes from her dad — “he’s really into Sci-Fi”. She shops for most of her makeup on Amazon. She’s a Burt’s Bees addict however, Cricket loves the gold and says, “I can wear the hell outta it!” though, she admits it’s pretty “sheer”. She is planning on buying this shade and even would like to submit a name idea for it, “Gold Leader”. As she has said before the lipsticks taste oily. “This is the first time I’ve worn makeup in weeks, I’d love to try the nude lipstick”
Cricket Gold 1 Cricket gold 2
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We also had Geek and Sundry’s Erika Ishii, a talented actress and host.
Erika’s mom worked for Lucas Films back in the day and is responsible for her love of Star Wars. She took Erika to see the theatrical re-release of all the films when she little. Erika isn’t really a lipstick girl but, she likes the line a lot and says she loves the gold because it’s “subtle” and wants to buy it!
Erika gold 2 Erika Gold1
Erika’s T-shirt is from Her Universe.
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Jessica Hendrickson is a host, scientist, and actor and also looks super cute in a Leia Hoodie! We had a lot of fun taking pictures. Jessica’s dad is the reason she is a fan of Star Wars, “I had the platinum VHS trilogy and Star Wars bed sheets”. She normally buys her cosmetics at Sephora and prefers tinted chapsticks like Burt’s Bees Pomegranate. Jessica was also a big fan of the gold lipstick she too commented on the subtleties of the shade.
Jess gold 1 Jess gold 2 Jess Gold 3 Jess Gold 4 Jess Gold 6
Jessica’s Leia Hoodie with buns is from Her Universe
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Last but not least we have the gorgeous Kat Andrusco who is an actress and bartender.
Kat wears lipstick about 3 times a week and is loyal to brands like Kat Von D (Liquid Lipstick) and MAC. She normally shops at Sephora and MAC but also supplements her makeup supply with finds from Target and CVS. Kat was surprised with how much she loved this shade, “It applies really easily, almost like a gloss. Doesn’t look silly but is definitely unique. It feels nice on and is easy to remove.” Kat would love for CoverGirl to release a gold liquid eyeliner to match this lip she wouldn’t necessarily wear them together but she wants one. 
Kat Gold 1
Kat Gold 2
Kat’s shirt is also from Her Universe.
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Thank you to all the ladies that participated! Also thank you to CoverGirl for allowing us to sample their new line. We can’t wait for The Force Awakens and also can’t wait to show you more of the collection! Check back soon for more blogs featuring more of the products and also Sam & Meli will share their thoughts on the line soon!
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