STAR WARS: The Force Awakens Collection By COVERGIRL – Dark Purple Lips!

CoverGirl will release it’s newest collection based off, Star Wars: The Force Awakens on September 4th online and in some drugstores with the collection hitting all shelves by mid-September.

However, they sent us a little Sneak Peek of the line early and we were happy to invite over a few girlfriends to try out the line and give their thoughts — we will release a new blog about each item leading up to the launch.

Today, we tried out the purply plum lipstick: CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Dark Purple

Erika Ishii is the host of Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Stream and loves Star Wars (Her favorite film is Empire Strikes back). She is so excited for The Force Awakens and every trailer for it makes her cry with happiness and anticipation. Erika is so happy that CoverGirl is doing a Star Wars themed line! Though the packaging is sleek, she wishes they had made it even MORE Star Wars!!! While she likes the Plum shade, she remarked “it doesn’t spread evenly and feathers quite a bit”. (Note: we didn’t use lip liners with these looks because we wanted you to really see how they actually look and not over a liner)

Erika Plum1 Erika Plum 2

Erika says depending on the price she would be willing to purchase it though she wishes that they had been geekier and maybe added more light sabers to the products – she also wished that there was a whole makeup line not just the mascaras that were themed light side and dark side of the force.
Erika is wearing a Vintage Star Wars shirt that was her mother’s… before she jacked it.
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Kat Andrusco you may notice from tons of awesome Buzzfeed videos or just because she is a busy actress but you may not know that she is actually a huge fan of Star Wars. Like a lot of fans, Kat’s favorite film is Empire Strikes Back. “I Love you” “I Know” — “As an actor I love and appreciate that classic line that wasn’t originally in the script”. When asked about The Force Awakens she said, “I’m so excited, I can’t believe it’s actually happening. I had to remind myself it’s real by watching the trailer again. I’m Nerding Out Hardcore!”  Kat’s happy about the CoverGirl line and thinks that “it’s nice that they are specifically marketing to female fans”. Though she admits that while the packaging is cool – it could be cooler.
Kat Plum Kat Plum2









Kat also complained the lipstick didn’t apply evenly. “It sort of clumps in some spots and glides off others. It would need a liner because it’s very slick”. Also Kat was the first to notice that it does stain your lips after you remove it a pinkish-reddish shade that she had to scrub to get off. Though Kat was able to apply it much darker than the other girls without using a liner. Kat Stain






Kat wants more… she wants Star Wars Liquid Eyeliners (not a surprise as she is a liquid eyeliner fiend) but she wants a gold eyeliner and she definitely wants a lipliner for this lipstick. Though Kat likes the line “the only thing that screams Star Wars about it was the fact it’s on the label”.
Kat’s shirt is by Her Universe (
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Jessica Hendrickson is a science nerd and actor. Her YouTube channel, ‘Everyday Science’ explores deep intellectual topics as well as Silly Science Parody Songs and At-Home Science Experiments. Being someone that loves science and space, of course Jessica is a Star Wars fan. Jess keeps it old school and is a fan of the original trilogy (as it should be).  She cannot wait for The Force Awakens and is excited to see Gwendolyn Christie in it! “The CoverGirl Force Awakens makeup line is a cute idea”, she says. Though, she commented the packaging is “not bad” she remarked it could have been more creative.
Jess Plum
Jessica found the Dark Purple to be “Fun!” though said, “it’s a lot darker than I would usually wear”. She loves to play dress up so she would love to try all the other shades even if just for fun and not to wear out. Though she’s a fan of the line, wishes they had done more with the packaging and hopes for a light side / dark side blush and bronzer combo.
Jess Plum2
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Next up is Amanda McDonough who is a talented and inspiring actress and Star Wars fan. You might recognize Amanda from the ABC Family show ‘Switched at Birth’ which she has appeared on numerous times. Amanda is deaf, though you would never know, she works hard to not have that be what defines her or her career.

As far as Star Wars goes she’s a fan of the classics and proclaims ‘A New Hope’ is her favorite film. Admitting she’s always had a huge crush on Han (who hasn’t, right?). She’s counting down the moments till The Force Awakens is released and she will be there sitting on the edge of her seat pigging out on Red Vines and a Large Icee! She’s excited about the CoverGirl line and thinks that each piece compliments the other’s well. Amanda said, “the packaging was a little plain”. Erika was not alone in wishing everything was a light saber Amanda agreed! She found the Dark Purple to be super “Chic” and really thought it easily transformed her look. Amanda looks forward to buying all the pieces and trying each one though she admits “if they were in light sabers you wouldn’t be able to pry them from my hands”. She is hoping that they step it up and add some eyeshadows to go with the looks.
Amanda Plum1Amanda Plum 2

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Cricket Lee (Crix) is the host of an amazing podcast on Geek Nation called Gecken that is currently nominated for a Geekie Award at The 2015 Geekie Awards. Cricket is also a Voice Actor. She is a huge Return of The Jedi fan and has the highest hopes for The Force Awakens. She owns some CoverGirl products and notes that their products are usually hit or miss. “The packaging for this line was cute but didn’t really stand out in anyway” she said. Cricket likes the color of the lipsticks in the tube but liked them less on the lip “they lose a little of the sheen”, as for the Dark Purple, “It seems you have to put on A LOT of the Plum to make it look right. All of the shades would benefit from a matte undercoat before applying”. Cricket is most disappointed they are not releasing eyeshadow palettes to match the lip shades. She wants to try all the products and is a sucker for anything Star Wars so she’ll probably buy them all! She also wanted to add that they tasted oily.

Cricket1 Cricket2
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Thanks to all the awesome ladies for coming out to try these products with us… look out for more reviews from Sam & Meli hopefully next week and also thank you to CoverGirl for this Sneak Peek!
More from the line coming soon! Also don’t forget this line hits stores and online September 4, 2015.