The 9 Best Nerdy Maternity Tees

This year has been so crazy and filled with wonderful moments including a recent once in a lifetime trip to Japan,
14224767_10154449953822208_570897267779647900_n 14344082_10154449953697208_6942266703774463761_n

getting engaged,


and now I am having my first child.


While everything has happened so fast this is a very happy time…
But, I am starting to really show my belly at 4.5 months. I can’t just wear everything I want anymore and my usual fashionably nerdy style is totally compromised with way less options out there… so, what’s a geek chic girl to do? I can’t really afford to buy or have made a completely new wardrobe so I’d love to incorporate
some cheaper tees into my closet to help me get through the next few months…

I’ve been searching the internet to find the best shops for Geek Chic Maternity Tees.

1. Think Geek

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Think Geek has these 2 patterns (Vulcan & Captain America) and they are available in many sizes all for under $15

2. Her Universe


Her Universe has just this one Doctor Who themed tee (which is adorable) it’s price is $20 (on sale) however, it’s only available currently in XS

3. Fun Wear Studio

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Fun Wear Studios has a couple of designs –  these Pokemon Egg Shirts are by far my favorite and they cost around $25 (and the spots on the eggs are glittery)

4. Crazy Dog T’s 

Crazy Dog T’s has many maternity designs but these are my favorite nerdy themed ones they carry and they are all priced at around $15.
I am definitely convinced we are having a powerful Jedi


And while I am know it’s a Jedi – I’m also positive that we are not having a Squib so — I’m guessing we will be getting a letter from Hogwarts in a couple of years for our Tiny Wizard. But for the meantime I’d like strangers to keep their hands off my belly – so perhaps this will do the trick…

I love any maternity shirts that play up the roundness of my belly

5. Materniteez

il_570xn-864368469_ijao il_570xn-864605014_fli8 il_570xn-864612334_3ulw il_570xn-866898499_2ysx il_570xn-1019034173_hemu il_570xn-1057080229_qgxj

Materniteez is definitely has the most geek chic options and tees are all about $30 … and of course my favorite is the Pokeball because Round Belly

6. Fandom Maternity

il_570xn-899799381_o83o il_570xn-924425398_epf5 il_570xn-1005736368_6gh5il_570xn-924430936_lwl7 il_570xn-1054461722_al1r il_570xn-1055738996_7taj

With lots of Harry Potter designs for both mother and future baby this shop has some very cute options, these designs also cost $30.

7. She’s Craftee


These cute Disney & Harry Potter Designs cost around $23 and have some designs I haven’t seen anywhere else.

8. Rezona

il_570xn-1007418492_jaac il_570xn-1052640138_qaak

Rezona’s tees feature a  wide waist band and scoop neck which has a different shape than most maternity tees. They also have a large selection of nerdy designs including all sorts of Marvel superheroes bursting out the belly (but sadly no Thor). They also offer all shirts in 6 different colors and even a couple dresses.  T-shirts are priced at a very reasonable $16.

9. Kennie Blossoms
I love anything Harry Potter – I can’t find nearly enough cute Harry Potter Shirts!
This is another adorable find for $32.

So that wraps up my list…
I have a bunch of these coming in the mail shortly so, be on the look out for more picks plus unboxings and reviews.

What are your favorite places to shop for Maternity Wear?
(I need all the advice I can get!)