Tee Fury Launches New Line of Nerdy Skirts

Last week, we shared with you the adorable new line of leggings that Tee Fury recently launched specifically aimed at fashionable female nerds. Well, they didn’t stop at leggings! Tee Fury also has some super cute nerdy skirts, guaranteed to appeal to female geeks and gamers.

The skirts are all full of whimsy and color, and are a great way to wear favorite fandoms anywhere, even at the office. Some of the more subtle designs could easily be paired with a solid colored button up top or a cardigan, creating the perfect business casual look for most jobs.

In the Tall Grass Skirt (Currently Sold Out)
Adventure Items Skirt
Lavender Town Skirt (Currently Sold Out)
Sweet Poison Skirt
Wave Riders Skirt (Currently Sold Out)


Marvelous Marshmallows Skirt


Accio Emojis Skirt
Too Haute To Handle Skirt (Currently Sold Out)

What I love about these skirts is how wearable they seem. Unlike leggings (which tend to be banned from most company dress codes) patterned skirts are generally totally acceptable at work!  You can also dress these skirts up with a sexy pair of heels and accessories for a fancy night out on the town.

I just want more!

One of the things I loved about the line of leggings is how much variety was offered. Some pairs were repeating patterns of images, like the skirts. But others were just one great big image, or were reminiscent of something a little more tangible. The Apocalypse Leggings, for example, invoked the feeling of being the protagonist from a favorite dystopian novel, while the Android Leggings and the Protocol Leggings could make a person channel their inner robot. *Pictured below from top to bottom

apocolypse-pants_b-mco_legs_1 - Copy android-pants_b-mco_legs_1 - Copy protocol-leggings_b-mco_legs - Copy

I love the skirts, but I crave more variety. Every single skirt option is also offered in the leggings style. While I ADORE that you can buy your favorite pattern two ways, I would also like to see some choices that are only available as skirts. Judging by the amount of skirt styles that are currently sold out, I would say there is a definitive demand for the product. I hope that as the line grows we will see more diversity with the line. Similar to the three leggings options listed above, I would like to see some sort of “everyday cosplay” or “bounding” options that only make sense in a skirt (as the above leggings obviously only work as leggings).

That being said, I really do love the available options and could see each skirt looking amazing on every female member of our team.

As I already own the Accio Emojis Leggings, I think my choice for skirt would be the Adventure Items. This skirt is perfect for a date night with the hubs, or for a casual D&D gaming session in the living room. I dressed Stephanie in the Accio Emojis Leggins for my last Tee Fury Post, but I see her in the Marvelous Marshmallows skirt. She is a serious Marvel fan, and this skirt is just super adorable.

Anastasia needs the Sweet Poison Skirt for future trips to Disney, and she also just likes villains in general (which are very well represented in this skirt). I’m putting Bonnie in the  Accio Emojis Skirt. She is a Hufflepuff with a heart of gold, and I think this skirt would be a great way for her to showcase her love of all things Hogwarts.

There is something about the Wave Riders Skirt that I just really thinks suits, Meli. Maybe it’s the relaxed, ocean vibe I get from it, or the soothing colors. I also picture her soon to be daughter, Luna wearing the Too Haute to Handle Skirt. The pattern reminds me of youth and innocence, and even though this won’t fit baby girl for years to come, I still wanted an option for our future Fashionably Nerdy Correspondent to be.

Sizing on the skirts seems to run small, as did the sizing on the leggings, so be sure to check the handy sizing chart before placing an order.

SkirtSizeChartWhat do you think? Which design is your favorite?

Don’t forget, Tee Fury is offering a discount code to Fashionably Nerdy readers. Just use the code NERDY10 when you check out. The code is valid from 7/27 until 8/10 and is can be used for all leggings and skirts.