Tee Fury Introduces Adorable and Nerdy Leggings

Our friends over at Tee Fury recently launched a new line of nerdy skirts and leggings, and we could not be more excited. I am a longtime fan of Tee Fury’s work and I am thrilled to watch them branch out with more styles and accessories geared towards female nerds.

I had the pleasure of seeing a pair of the leggings up close (the Silk Spinner Leggings) at the Nerdist Conival hosted at Petco Park during San Diego Conic Con, and they really looked like great quality. I cannot wait to try a pair and find out how they feel and fit my figure as well.


I thought of Meli when the line first launched. She has been blogging about how leggings are great maternity wear in the early stages of pregnancy, and she even recommends them later in pregnancy in one size larger than usual. Tee Fury has definitely provided an array of options that are sure to appeal to many different types of nerds, and I cannot wait to start seeing people rocking these awesome styles.


adventure-items_b-mco_model adventure-items_b-mco_pattern

apocolypse-pants_b-mco_model_1 apocolypse-pants_b-mco_pattern_1

cheshies_b-mco_model cheshies_b-mco_pattern

scaredy-pants_b-mco_model scaredy-pants_b-mco_pattern

whos-cute_b-mco_model_4_1 whos-cute_b-mco_pattern_3

Some of my favorite styles from top to bottom:

Accio Emojis Leggings, Adventure Items Leggings, Apocalypse Leggings, Cheshies Leggings, Scaredy Pants Leggings, and Who’s Cute Leggings.

I think Stephanie would look perfect in the Accio Emojis design (being such a huge Harry Potter fan), and Anastasia will look fierce in the Scardy Pants design (she loves horror stuff). Bonnie was on ABC’s The Quest, and she sings about epic adventures in the hilarious parody band, Library Bards. This is why I would pick the Adventure Items Leggings  for her to wear in concert, or just while she is being her amazingly awesome self (and our one true hero)! I would obviously look super Timey-Wimey in the Who’s Cute Leggings (and don’t worry, I will never blink while I’m wearing those terrifying Angels on my body)!

Our pregnant but leggings loving mommy-to-be, Meli would be too cute for words in the Marvelous Marshmallows design (huge thanks to Tee Fury for featuring Widow in the pattern). We all know she is going to be a superhero of a mom to little Luna.


You know we can’t leave out Xander. I see no reason why men cannot wear leggings and I love the Argyle Fighters for him. Argyle has always been a more masculine print, and the fighters are an awesome added detail.

argyle-fighters_b-mco_legs_1 (1)  argyle-fighters_b-mco_pattern_1 (1)

The leggings are available in a variety of sizes and the website includes a handy sizing chart so you can order with confidence. Pay close attention to this chart, because the leggings definitely run on the small side.


I usually wear a medium, but ordered my pair in a large. Once they arrive I will be back to give a full review about the products, and how they fit and feel on!

Are you as excited as we are to try these designs out? We hope so, because Tee Fury is offering a discount code to Fashionably Nerdy readers. Just use the code NERDY10 when you check out. The code is valid from today, 7/27 until 8/10 and is can be used for all leggings and skirts.

  • melificent

    I’ve always loved these!!! The skirts also have a special place in my heart – I can’t wait to get my body back!