Nerdy Pajamas: Comfy and Cozy

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I had surgery a couple of days ago (don’t worry, I’m totally fine) and I knew that my recovery would involve me hanging around my house doing nothing for a few days.

The weather was originally predicted to be chilly, really chilly by Florida standards. I wanted to be both comfortable and cozy during my recovery, so I decided to stock up on some nerdy jammies!

Last year, I discussed the fact that despite my love of pajamas, I didn’t actually own a single nerdy pair.

I did acquire some warm Star Wars pajama bottoms as a Christmas gift last year, and I adore them.

That single pair was not going to be enough to get me through five days of lounging around my house, so I knew I needed more.

About a week before my surgery, my husband and I went to Target, and I was in nerdy pajama heaven! I love how much easier it is to find things like this at an actual store now. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to buy everything online.

The first pair I saw were amazing, and I knew they had to be mine.

I have to be honest, the three piece Star Wars set really caught my eye because of the adorable Yoda sleep mask. However, the thermal material and fun design made this set a must own. Plus, they were on sale!

I bought the large, because the thermal material was loose around my stomach, but still stayed up and in place. My surgery would be on my stomach, so I needed to make sure nothing was too snug.

Harry Potter pajamas are obviously something I was never going to be able to pass up, so when I saw these amazing Gryffindor fleece bottoms, I grabbed them at once.

These were the exact same style as my Star Wars bottoms, so I already knew how they would fit.

I wanted to make this a full set, so when I got home I searched Amazon to find a shirt to match.

I fell in love with this Gryffindor Athletic Tee as soon as I saw it.

Luckily, it was available on Prime, so it would get to me quickly. To make sure the shirt would be comfortable as pjs, I purchased the extra large.

Since it was supposed to be cold, I also decided to buy a new house robe. I mean, I have been eying something like this TARDIS Robe since forever! 😍

Unfortunately, the predicted lows were all wrong, and it ended up being just a touch chilly.

I didn’t have much need for the robe. Oh well. I have all winter to wear it…hopefully.

What nerdy jammies are you planning to stay warm in this winter? 

Get these pajamas now, in time for the Holidays and cooler weather!

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