Nerdy Pajamas: Part One – Think Geek

While bedridden with a serious case of the yucks for the better part of the last week, I came to the somewhat sad realization that I am severely lacking in the nerdy pajamas department.

I am honestly not sure how this could have happened. I love jammies! I love all things nerdy! How did these two loves never before mingle? Possibly because I am a notorious t-shirt sleeper? I especially love sleeping in my husband’s over-sized clothes (it’s an added bonus that they tend to smell like him).

Now that I am feeling better, and comfortably clad in my own jammies, (alas, they are not nerdy, but i’m rocking a comfy Comic-Con SWAG shirt and my pants feature penguins wearing scarfs) I thought I would compose a list of my favorite nerdy pajama finds on the web.

I didn’t realize that this would be a two part series, until I actually started writing. The problem being that Think Geek is easily one of my favorite nerdy online shopping spots (I seriously buy like 80% of all of my husband’s gifts on Think Geek) and once I got started talking about their fantastic pajama selection, I couldn’t stop.

I could write a book about all the cool nerdy pajamas one can find on Not only do they have a bazillion different styles and fandoms to choose from; they also have robes, pants, shirts, slippers, full pajama sets, blankets with sleeves…I could go on and on. You can check the full selection of ThinkGeek nerdy jammie finds by clicking this link here whenever you have a chance. In the meantime, I will point out a handful of my favorites.

  • Harry Potter House Robe: This may have been an obvious choice for me. Harry Potter is easily one of my favorite fandoms, and this plush robe so much resembles the Hogwarts school robes, that it even has a hood. Even better, you can pick this piece up in all four Harry Potter Houses.

16a8_harry_potter_house_robe 16a8_harry_potter_house_robe_hufflepuff 16a8_harry_potter_house_robe_ravenclaw 16a8_harry_potter_house_robe_slytherin

  • Harry Potter House Unisex Lounge Pants: Because you totally should wear something under that robe, why not coordinate with these awesome Hogwarts House Lounge Pants? I personally love the look of the fabric, and the way it hangs looks so perfect for a lazy day at home. Confession – I basically put jammies on the minute I walk into the house. It doesn’t matter if I am getting off work at midnight, or 2 pm. Heck, on my day off, I only get out of pajamas if I have to go somewhere. I have been known to take a shower, and put on clean pajamas in the middle of the day. Trust me when I tell you, I know the look of good lounge pants. These babies might even pop back up on my Christmas list.


  • Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups: Xander famously rocked this awesome pair of slippers on an episode of season 2 of King Of The Nerds, and I have coveted them ever since. Two years ago at San Diego Comic-Con, he waited in line with me for hours to get a Game of Thrones Tattoo…also wearing these slippers. Hey, we were doing comfy con! These adorable slippers are a major must that I hope to acquire before my next illness.


f284_plush_unicorn_slippers_for_grown_ups (1)


  • TARDIS Footie Union Suit: Also coming in high on my list of top fandoms is everyone’s favorite eccentric Time Travelling Alien from Outerspace: The Doctor. I have been a Doctor Who addict since I watched my first episode (“Blink”), and I see no signs of my addiction abating anytime soon. What is not to love about this fantastic onesie?  I mean…
    • Footie pajama? Check
    • With a hood? Check
    • Bigger on the inside? Check check


I just wish I lived in a state that got cold enough to merit wearing this. It does look warm. 

  • Star Wars Millennium Falcon Capri Yoga Pants Exclusive: Now these capri pants look to be a little more appropriate for the hot Florida evenings I am used to. I love these for sleeping, but am also a big fan of the fact that they are actually yoga pants. If that means that I can also wear them in public, I am totally sold. I really enjoy the fact that the design goes completely around the body, giving you 360 degrees of style.

inum_falcon_capri_yoga_pants inum_falcon_capri_yoga_pants_back

  • Batman Ladies’ Pajama Set: As I mentioned before, I love pajamas! This time of year (you know, when it is cold everywhere in the country except for where I live) I especially love pajama sets. I’m a total sucker for the classic matched long sleeved top and bottom, even when they are way too warm for me to actually wear. That classic appeal is what draws me to this Batman pajama set. The caped crusader is easily one of my favorite DC heroes, making these pajamas a must have.


  • Soft Kitty Blanket with Sleeves: I fell pretty hard for The Big Bang Theory when it was first introduced to me by a friend (then roommate). I grew up on Sitcoms and my love has only grown with me. Even better, The Big Bang Theory brought a new awareness to nerds that became almost mainstream. While I know many people sort of hate that, I love that the show celebrates my people in what is (usually) a pretty favorable light. We  as nerds are weird, crazy, intelligent, sometimes uncomfortable to be around, but mostly loving people. I love that The Big Bang Theory celebrates that, and this Soft Kitty Blanket (with sleeves!!) celebrates my love of comfort. Pair it with the Soft Kitty Slippers, to create the ultimate in coordination.

eda6_soft_kitty_blanket_with_sleeves efaf_soft_kitty_slippers

Which is your favorite nerdy pajamas? Which ones should we feature next?