The Geekie Awards 2015 Fashion Nominees!

The Geekie Awards return this week for the 3rd year and we will be there of course to cover our favorite fashions from the event. Anastasia and I were judges in the Fashion category this year and of course Meli is nominated for best website.  But, before we see the winners let’s look at the nominees for this year’s Fashion award.


This freakin ridiculously awesome collection of handmade metal couture statement pieces ranging from corsets to masks is sure to wow – and I am obviously hoping to see their creator wearing some of these pieces on the red carpet.

“The urge to create something with my hands, I guess I have got it from my father. He is a sculpture artist and teached art, always busy in his studio creating daily situations in ceramic. It worked to my advantage the easy access to different materials,I remember always taking ( and destroying ) his working tools. During my study in Holland ,I was already busy selling costumes to friends as well as to shops, this was my main focus.The upcome of the acid/house dance scene started back then. At art school I thought I knew better than the teachers themselves so I dropped out soon, this was in Barcelona 22 years ago. This is the city I actually live and work now, together with my Spanish wife and my 3 kids.

Divamp Couture is my brand name and is what I really like to make and where I truly can put all my efforts love, devotion and creativeness.This is what I really enjoy most…..hope you do as well.”


Ok, so if you ever wanted to wear clothing that makes you feel like you stepped out of a video game or sci-fi film ZOLNAR is for you and hopefully for me too! I wanna look this badass!


“My name is Eva. I’m in charge of almost everything behind the ZOLNAR clothing.

My mom, a garment production technologist, used to bring me to her work since I remember myself, so I got know the process before I even started school. At the age of 12 I’ve made my first garment, so by now I can say I know what I’m doing really well. I own a studio equipped with multiple professional Juki machines that bring the quality to every seam.

My basic inspiration level was created by Sci-Fi stuff I saw in my childhood so it leads the process of design. I also feed my inner artist with nature and Hi-Tech architecture. Love to look at patterns, contrasts, colors, different material putted together. No surprise, the style of ZOLNAR falls under cyberpunk, futuristic, Sci-Fi style.

I like clothing to be neat, well fitted and comfy, so you could live inside for a while. I am inclined to fall in love with things, so I tend to choose durable, well-dyed fabrics. That way the garment will serve as long as it needs to.

Armed with human typology guidelines in one hand and mad pattern-making skills in another, I spend a lot of time perfecting my patterns to achieve the fit and look. With a tendency to hide everything irrelevant to the design (pockets, darts) behind the seams or quilting stitches, sometimes the patterns is so changed it looks more like a tricky puzzle. And I love puzzles. As quilting is a feature designed to sharpen the look, every detail is quilted separately making the production time-consuming. But, as staring at a newly made garment is a very pleasurable act, I’m more than happy to do what I’m doing.

Also, I have a pleasure to talk with my customers while discussing details of their custom orders and I can say they all are smart, nice and creative. As they get really excited when being told that the thing they need is possible to create there is no doubt, their inner child is alive and well. So in 3 words ZOLNAR is qualitative long-lasting excitement.”


Sent From Mars makes super adorable handbags and clutches and I want them all!

“Sent From Mars is an online store designing accessories based on geeky icons for everyday fandom fashion! I focus on clutch purses made from high quality leather and faux leather, sewn together with extraordinary precision, and created out of a love for movies and video games!

My design adventures started as a kid hand-sewing outfits for toys, which set the stage for Sent From Mars. A Design degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising led me to designing apparel, accessories and artwork for companies like Old Navy and Gymboree, and even getting to design some of my own game characters for Waka Flocka Flame in Wakaville.

With this industry experience, Sent From Mars was born, allowing me to bring my own geeky creations to life and pursue the things that I love! In addition to an online store, I also create geeky DIY projects including costumes, toys and décor for my blog Sent From Mars. These designs have been featured in geek publications like Fashionably Geek, and have made their debut on CBS Good Day Sacramento.

Bringing Geek-culture into the modern world is at the heart of every design and inspiring other to pursue their dreams is my ultimate objective!”


Ok, so you need some cool leather armor and stuff for your cosplay or your LARP – these guys are amazing and custom make everything to fit you and to suit your needs.


“Custom designed, hand crafted fantasy armor, and accessories.”


Catherine Elhoffer is one of our favorite designers for everyday wear as she is one of the lead designers at WeLoveFine and has been changing the shape, design and structure of women’s geek wear over the last few years. It only makes since that her personal line is nominated for a Geekie .


“Catherine Elhoffer hand makes each of her commissions, designs, projects, and orders. She is a team of one pumping out not only costumes, cosplays, and every wear, but also a designer at WeLoveFine where she creates and develops some of the most fan-focused merchandise on the web including the popular Spider-Gwen apparel line and the Age of Fashion Marvel collection. From High Fashion Couture Gowns, including the debut Her Universe Fashion Show Totoro Gown for Ashley Eckstein, to custom Super Hero costumes, including for Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny, custom wedding gowns, and even Geek-Inspired everyday wear like leggings and skater dresses (with pockets, because all women deserve pocket equality), Catherine makes just about anything.”


So, these are the nominees… who are you rooting for?
You can get to know them better by tuning in live for the ‘Day of The Creator’ Geekies Pre-Party THIS Wednesday Night 6-8pm Pacific. I will be the live-stream host and am so excited to talk about fashion with all the nominees including the fashion category!