The Force Awakens Opening Day (SPOILER FREE)

Most of us here at Fashionably Nerdy are Star Wars Junkies. So, as I write this we have all seen the film except for Bonnie who is performing all weekend and Meli who is going tomorrow… Anastasia is on her second showing, Xander did the 7 film Movie Marathon and admittedly by the end “was delirious and a sobbing mess of a human being but loved every second of it”. Sam & Mark went today and I went this afternoon with Russ & Camille.


Camille fought the entire internet to get very coveted seats to a sold out show at The Famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood which is showing it in IMAX 3D.  Of course I saw a lot of cool outfits and took a lot of photos so I thought I would share some of my faves.


The Chinese Theaters has tons of famous hand & foot prints including R2-D2, C3PO & Lord Vader himself.

This morning I nearly had a breakdown when I realized I had too many options of Star Wars Clothing and could not decide what to wear…

Thank you to all the fashion designers that are making awesome clothes for women for allowing me to have such an amazing dilemma not more than a few years ago this would never have happened.

I sat in front of my makeup mirror and played for awhile using yellow, gold and whites and decided I was definitely not a sith today… so was I C3P0 or a Jedi??? I used one of the Covergirl Lip Colors. I gave in and decided I had to wear yellow – so naturally my favorite Star Wars Bed Sheet dress by Her Universe was what I was going to wear with a bright sunny yellow cardigan from Mod Cloth.


I got tons of compliments including the Barista’s at Starbucks that asked my name and I said Stephanie but they wrote the following on my cup…


I actually was going for little Ewok ears and not Leia buns with my hair since I was letting my Endorian friends down by not wearing any of my Ewok garb (Ewoks have always been my favorite since childhood)

Camille of course also dressed up


She wore Black Milk Clothing Leggings with a R2-D2 & C3P0 print and a Her Universe Infinity Scarf. Russ (behind her) wore his Star Wars Rebels Tee (Camille & I picked up 2 years ago at the HITFIX Star Wars Rebels Party at SDCC)

IMG_8355 IMG_8356

Camille was also sporting some awesome lightsaber earrings and a bracelet from Han Cholo


I ran into Fashionably Nerdy fave… Bryan Fuller (Heroes / Pushing Daisies / Hannibal) while waiting in line. He commented that he had gone to the premiere but had to see it again in IMAX 3D.


Metal Detectors and Bag Checks did not keep people from dressing up – The Chinese Theater sent out emails last week letting everyone know that costumes and light sabers were encouraged however there would be tight security.

Our Friend Patrick Estrada from Geek Speak TV was in his usual X-Wing Pilot Uniform we ran into him like passing ships as he went to the screening across the street at Disney’s El Capitan Theater — this film is so large it’s showing also a block away at the Arc Light as well… CRAZY!


Some Awesome Fans…

His Tee came from Walmart


I love her Endor Leia – Disney Bound


We love Graphic Lab Tees!


She purchased her dress on Etsy but is also a huge fan of Her Universe


I unintentionally took this photo but I love that he was hugging his BB-8

IMG_8342 IMG_8344

These girls are adorable and color coordinated in these pink and purple galaxy print Star Wars leggings and tops.


Masks are not allowed at the showings so she is accessorizing by making it a hat.


He is one snuggly looking wookie


their hoodie game is on point


Star Wars Sweaters are adorable with holiday prints and colors

IMG_8370 IMG_8371

Once inside the lobby – The Chinese Theater had Star Wars Themed Cocktails, Props, and Collectables.


IMG_8373 IMG_8375 IMG_8376 IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8383 IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8388 IMG_8390 IMG_8396

So, what did we think? We laughed We cried – We held hands – and we loved it all! I was very weary of buying anything Rey or BB-8 before I saw the movie and knew who these characters were but now I want ALL THE THINGS – Literally – ALL OF THEM!


What is your favorite outfit from The Force Awakens?
Mine is this outfit of Rey’s…