The 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show – Open Call Event & Release of The 2015 Winners Force Awakens Collection at Hot Topic

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Her Universe Fashion Show Open Call event last weekend in Los Angeles. I went to the event as a supporter of Geek Fashion, to meet the designers, and of course see the new “The Force Awakens” line last year’s design contest winners designed for Hot Topic as the debut of the collection was at this event!

This year the Her Universe Fashion Show doubled the amount of submissions as the year before and with that comes even more creative and exciting dresses. I was blown away as I walked down the line of designers that showed up with sketch books, fabric, and previously made garments to present their ideas to the panel (Ashley Eckstein from Her Universe, Cat Carson from Her Universe, Ed LeBay from Hot Topic, and Mandy from Hot Topic).


This year’s show is a little different from years past as the show is being live streamed and also recorded as a 10 episode docu-series for the new TV Network Comic-Con HQ (Lionsgate). So, the open call was a way for designers to express themselves, show their personalities, and to talk about their ideas in person as opposed to previous years when you only had the option to send your designs and thoughts electronically. This open call was optional but a great way to explain your designs and have the panel ask questions. In addition to the open call they also contacted designers via Skype this year to open a dialogue about their designs.


Also on hand at the event were past winners, Andrew MacLaine and Kelly Cercone as well as show producer Jennifer Tisdale from Blondie Girl Productions.



The Event was held at Hollywood & Highland in the middle of Hollywood, CA and a makeshift TV studio was set up right in front of Hot Topic on the second floor of the outdoor shopping mall. Designers had plenty of time to show and explain their designs no one was rushed and later commented how nice, real, and supportive all the panelists were.



Here are some of the many designers and their outfits / accessories from the day…

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Recognize some familiar faces?
The designers that came out represent every shape, size, age, ethnicity, there are new designers that haven’t sketched a dress before and seasoned designers whose stores and designs we have purchased and adore, there are designers whose designs have graced the SDCC catwalk before and those who have never seen SDCC before. We got a chance to peek at a bunch of their designs and there are so many spectacular gowns that make up every fandom imaginable. We cannot wait for this year’s show!


Also as part of this special event Hot Topic & Her Universe released their 2015 Fashion Show Winner’s (Leetal Platt & Kelly Cercone) new ‘The Force Awakens Collection’ at this store (a few days early). While year one’s Marvel collection was jaw dropping this Star Wars line changes everything. These pieces are truly a reflection of their designers who are known for high end tailored pieces with very specific details. This line does not look like a ready to wear line and every piece looks like it could be one of a kind.


I took some photos for you to see some of the details on these pieces up close and will show you as I dress the Fashionably Nerdy Team in the looks…

Anastasia Washington would look to die for in the Kylo Ren Dress.
This is a hi-low design that features the first orders most stylish bad guy!

Samantha Mason would like amazing as the newest Padawan, Rey
This relaxed comfortable Cardigan is available now and the Dress is coming soon. It’s chic and stylist but, also looks comfy / cozy which fits Sam’s style.

13096218_10154198970006979_5167372524868161920_n Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.43.59 AM 13081592_10154077700222208_2053221653_n

Meli Lovio Sanchez would be super badass and adorable rocking the Captain Phasma look! While Meli is known for her love of Maxi’s and more feminine pieces this jacket and leggings combo would add a bit of edginess.



Xander Jeanneret would look so hot as a Storm Tropper, right? I seriously think he should get a storm trooper costume… but until then he would look lovely in the Storm Tropper dress, right? 😉


Bonnie Gordon is adorable, girly, and quirky… so she deserves a look like resembles a quirky adorable droid who has rolled his way into our hearts!


Ok, for me… I have fallen in love with the Poe – Jedi Pilot Dress I love the tailored stitching on the sides – and also the Poe/Finn Jacket!




Ok, so that is the collection which is also available in plus sizes now on!!!

plus size

Are their any of these pieces you cannot live without?
What fandom would you like this year’s winner’s to create?