Thanksgiving Fashion: Jamberry Nail Wraps

I have a confession to make: I am a total Holiday nerd. I love the excitement of the holiday season, the cooler temperatures (which are still evading me in Florida, sadly), and of course, I love the food.

Thanksgiving has always been particularly special to me. I think I just adore what the holiday represents. I appreciate the opportunity for life to slow down a bit while you gather with all the people you love, and celebrate your thanks for them and for all the wonderful things in you life.

Anxious to find a way to express my love for this holiday through fashion, I freaked out when I found the GOBBLE GOBBLE nail wraps on

Seriously, how cute are these little guys? Since Jamberry was running a buy three, get one free special, I split the cost with my friend Ally, and we each chose two wraps. I also ordered the design called, CHRISTMAS SOCKS.  

They arrived just as cute as I had hoped. To capitalize on our investment, Ally and I split the nail wraps in half, each of us taking half of a sheet of all four chosen designs.

Here is what I ended up with:

I love the variety of the choices at Jamberry and was super anxious to try them. Ally wears Jamberry a lot and with our highly physical jobs she always managed to have nails that look great.

Having previously tried Espionage wraps, I knew I preferred wraps to polish. The Jamberry also seemed a little more resilient and durable so I was hoping the increased cost of Jamberry compared to Espionage ($15 compared to $10) would also buy me longer wear time.

Jamberry runs about $15 for 18 wraps that are all long enough to be cut in half leaving plenty of wraps for 3 manicures or pedicures. Espionage runs about $10 and the wraps provide enough pieces for a manicure and a half. This is nice when one wrap gets messed up, or falls off, or is damaged early and needs to be replaced; but it isn’t enough for a second round of usage.

After considering all of that, these Jamberry wraps are a real value! I was stoked to get working on them.

Unfortunately, they are NOT as user friendly as Espionage. First of all, they take at least twice as long to apply. Secondly, they need heat, a lot of heat to apply. Ally was kind enough to loan me a heater to use in lieu of a hairdryer, which was a big help. It just wasn’t enough help. Even with all the heat I used, they still got really wrinkled. They feel more like a sticker than nail polish and that made them really hard to work with.

When trying to file away the excess of the wrap, they got even more like a sticker and bunched together terribly.

I also didn’t love the size options. Many wraps were way too big or way too small for each nail and it was hard to remove the excess on the sides or tuck them away under the cuticle because they were so thick. Many times, the best fit would have two turkeys next to each other on two fingers with two tail feathers next to each other on another two fingers. My OCD will not allow that, so I had to do my best.

The end result was not ideal.

  I only applied the wraps four days ago and am already planning to take them off. I just really want to wear them to work once, because despite all the difficulties, they really are adorable.

For my next wraps, Ally is going to help me. We are already planning a girls night and she is gonna give me tips and tricks on how to better apply the wraps, because her nails always look great.

After that application, I promise I will return with an updated review if I have an easier time, and I will share my newly learned tips.

Have you tried Jamberry? What did you think?

  • Christina

    I’ve worn Jamberry a couple times and was very happy with the result. I went with the hair dryer application technique. No issues with wrinkles so far. Hope your next jamicure goes better for you.

    • Fashionably Nerdy

      We are excited to try them again, with supervision of people who know how to successfully do this. We just wish the whole thing were a little more first time user friendly.