Super Makeup and Fashion Inspired by Supergirl

Want to create your own Supergirl Inspired fashion and makeup?

Today, we will show you how mastering this look is super easy.

The long awaited CBS superhero show, Supergirl flew into living rooms across America last Monday. The show has been generally well received and we know that we are certainly excited to finally have a strong female superhero to look up to.

Fashionably Nerdy was thrilled to work with Urban Decay Cosmetics back in July, to film a Supergirl themed makeup tutorial with the amazing makeup artist, Ashley Troub. I had so much fun with the bold colors, and especially loved how the gold and blue looked on my eyes.

Ashley, who had tested the look out on herself, was radiant in the gorgeous Urban Decay colors.

We have posted the tutorial again, so you can try to recreate this super look.

Now that you have makeup covered, it’s only fitting to dress the part.

My favorite Supergirl inspired look came to me through the Lifetime makeover show I appeared on last year, called Girlfriend Intervention.


The outfit had all of the correct color components necessary to create my perfect Supergirl style. The blue and black dress, by Banana Republic, is classy and versatile. It’s perfect for work, but can also be dressed up for a night out. It’s actually my favorite piece that I acquired from the show. When paired with the red shoes, and the gold belt, this makes an outfit that even Kara Zor-El would be happy to wear.

I styled this look with a red and gold purse at last year’s Saturn Awards.

We also found some cool styled looks from sites like Pinterest and Polyvore, that have awesome suggestions to create your own Supergirl inspired outfits.




This first, more casual Supergirl look came from Polyvore, and includes links to all the items if you would like to shop this look for yourself. I love all the little accessories and final touches that are included in this outfit.

Tie shirt

J Brand skinny leg jeans

Lips makeup

Giorgio armani eyeshadow

Lip treatment
$7.61 –

Supergirl Sticker Pink Logo
$1.38 –

We found this styled look at a Tumblr called, Superhero Chic. I for one, am obsessed with this blue dress and need the boots like crazy. We all know that I love a good pair of “Superhero Boots,” as my stylist Tiffiny from Girlfriend Intervention calls them.

The last look we found came from a really fun Pinterest board, called Supergirl in the Real World. It seemed to have originally been styled by a site called, I’m With Cupcake, but the URL no longer works. 🙁 I still love this look and really really want to emulate this look. I think it is a blue tank, with a sweetheart illusion neckline, paired with a red skirt and gold belt, but I cannot be certain it’s not a dress without the original posting. I might just have to find someone to make this for me. Any volunteers? 🙂



If you are looking to get your Supergirl nail art on, but are hopeless at giving yourself manicures (as am I), then may I recommend the League of Justice  Nailed it Nail Art by Espionage Cosmetics.


We love Espionage and they are SUPER easy to apply. See for yourself in our Comic-Con 2015 : Espionage Nailed It Application Tutorial video

We hope you have a blast styling your own Supergirl inspired outfits and makeup.