Star Trek Fashion with The Dweeb Darlings

The Dweeb Darlings is a production company started in 2013 that seeks to give opportunities to female creators and female fronted story lines. The Dweeb Darlings production team includes Creator Heidi Cox & Co-Executive Producer, Stephanie Pressman (also a founder of Fashionably Nerdy). Their critically acclaimed series, Stalking LeVar just premiered it’s second season recently which features the talents of over 30 guest & co-stars this season including Fashionably Nerdy’s own Xander Jeanneret, Bonnie Gordon, and Anastasia Washington who are all hilarious.

Leading up to season 2 the Dweeb Darlings (or Double D’s) did a Star Trek themed fashion shoot to pay homage to LeVar Burton.

Check out Stalking LeVar now at

Stephanie is wearing the Next Generation
Engineering Yellow Cardigan from We Love Fine.
Paired with black leggings and Duck Boots from LLBean.

Heidi is wearing the Deanna Troy Star Trek Next Generation Dress from Her Universe.




Heidi is wearing the Next Generation Science Blue
Skater Dress by Mighty Fine available on Think Geek.


Stephanie is wearing the Next Generation Picardigan from Her Universe.

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