Sassy Little Witch OOTD

Harry Potter Outfit of The Day featuring Lulu…

We hope Lulu enjoys Harry Potter as much as we all do.
Samantha gave Lulu the illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone and friend of FN,
Jack Saat gave Lulu the illustrated Chamber of Secrets…
we have already started reading her excerpts
(not that she will truly enjoy that at 1 month old)
none-the-less Lulu has a wardrobe with many Harry Potter themed pieces
including this amazing ‘Swish and Flick’ onesie

Swish & Flick Onesie from Strangeways Studio
Is available in their Etsy shop for $15
has 19 color options and comes in sizes Newborn to 24 months

Headband (adult headband tied) from Urban Outfitters