Makeup Looks Inspired By The Hogwarts Houses

Here at Fashionably Nerdy it’s no secret we love Harry Potter! In honor of next week’s house pride days we all chose to create our own unique makeup looks inspired by the 4 houses of Hogwarts.

Each member of our team used their own makeup and supplies and were encouraged to be creative!

Just as a refresher of the houses we have actually been sorted into:

Anastasia is a Slytherin
Sam & Meli are in Gryffindor
Bonnie & Xander of Hufflepuffs
and Stephanie is a Ravenclaw…


We hope you enjoy these looks and we encourage you to post your own 4 house makeup looks on social media and on our Facebook page using #HogwartsHousePride & #FashionablyNerdy

We will give away prizes and feature some readers that participate before March 27th!
So get your makeup brushes ready to join in the HP House Pride!

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Makeup Brands used in these looks include: Espionage Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Kat Von D Beauty, Bare Essentials, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Nars.

What house were you sorted into?
Will you join us by sharing your 4 house looks with us?
Use Hashtag #HogwartsHousePride & #FashionablyNerdy !

  • Jack Saat

    Jack of Hufflepuffs reporting in! And all makeup looks great my favorite is Xander’s hufflepuff badger inspired. 🙂 All the team is here apart of Bonnie however.