Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly Unboxing & Review

I recently received my first Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly subscription box and I was over the moon in love with it. I was so surprised to find all Harry Potter items inside and most were jewelry items I have never seen before!

Kal-Elle is a well respected accessories shop on Etsy that specializes in custom nerdy shoes in flats, heels, high heels, and wedges. Kal-Elle also has bows, jewelry, and other various accessories.

You can purchase everything including the $19 Monthly Subscription on their Etsy

The box included:

A Harry Potter Art Print on photo paper
While this is a lovely art piece and I love the design I wish this was on a cardstock or more sturdy paper

Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring
This ring is good quality does not look cheap and I love that it is a larger size probably a size 7.5 or 8 that fits all of my larger fingers and thumb

 Hogwart’s Crest Hair Clip
This hair clip is cute and versatile with a black grosgrain ribbon on the clip and a wax seal looking center

Marauder’s Map Button
This 1′ button is cute and tiny – a perfect accent for a lanyard or collar

Deathly Hallows Earrings
I have wanted a pair of these for awhile – the quality seems good, they look nice, and have not given me any sort of reaction from the metal.


Tom Riddle’s Diary and Basilisk Fang Necklace
This is super cute and something only true fans would be able to spot. In addition I have never seen this necklace any where else prior to receiving it in the box. It is of good quality and will not fear that it will change colors.

Golden Snitch Bracelet
This bracelet is of good quality, is lovely, seems well made and a great size.

This is a great box, I had very little complaints. I would only maybe suggest a card that tells you what everything is and where it came from, what it is made out of, etc. I liked the box and the packaging very much. Everything in the box was individually wrapped which kept everything nice and in order. I was only disappointed there were no fabric items like their etsy is known for. I would have loved a Harry Potter fabric bow or bookmark or something.

Have you tried Kal-Elle? What is your favorite fandom? What would you like to see next month? What is your favorite subscription box? Let us know!

  • Traci

    Buyer beware. The shoes you purchase from this woman may be covered in glue and show signs of fingerprints where she “wiped” her fingers on the shoes. She doesn’t say that on her Facebook page and nor in messages. I received two pair from her, they were covered in glue, I uncomfortably contacted her about it. She got the first pair back and acknowledged how awful they looked, claimed to remake them and sent me another pair equally covered in glue, and refused to refund. I sent back both pairs, so this woman keeps the money and the defective shoes. buyer beware.