Hogwarts Varsity Jacket Unbagging and Review

You know when you are a huge Harry Potter fan and you have Harry Potter themed events you want to attend but it’s the fall and winter months and it’s cold out and your HP cardigan just isn’t gonna cut it – and your robes are just too fancy… YOU NEED A HOGWARTS VARSITY JACKET! Check out my review below….

Ok, so I know there is no Hufflepuff jacket pictured… that’s not because we don’t like Hufflepuffs – we love them!!!! They were just sold out of the Hufflepuff one when I posted this – though I’m pretty sure I saw them in store – so check your local stores or the other Hot Topic brand sites (Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Torrid) to see if it’s available. If you still feel left out my Hufflepuff friends here is an awesome video to ease your pain called, Hufflepuff Puff Pass… (my honey badger and I are in it if you look closely)


What’s your favorite Harry Potter themed fashion?
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