Geeky Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is upon us, and rather than gifting Dad a BBQ or a bottle opener, or all the other typical gifts men get on this day, go geeky! If you have a geeky dad in your life, there are so many options to make his gift just a little more special.

If you have a fashionable geek on your hands (like I do), then a Star Trek themed skinny tie or Zelda leather watch would be perfect additions to a slick business casual look at the office. If your dude prefers “Netflix and Chill,” this Smartphone Projector is your pick! You can project anything: from videos to texts on your walls. Exactly what you need for your next YouTube marathon. How about if the guy has way too many white walls in his man cave? This Table of Thrones print is well designed and witty enough to rock any den. Finally, does your 80’s Dad dig his ride? This Knight Rider USB car charger definitely had me reminiscing of my youth, and one of my first lessons of the importance of a really rad set of wheels…I also may have aged myself in the process.

Hope these finds help those struggling to pick the perfect gift, and make sure to share in the comments any other geeky dad gifts that you’ve found while hunting around the Internets.

Most importantly than any gift you could possibly give your Dad, is to show him how much you appreciate and care for him. Sometimes Dads get lost in Moms’ shadows, and we have to make sure we give the attention and props good Dads need and deserve. Happy Father’s Day to all those great Dads out there from all of us at Fashionably Nerdy!