Geek Chic Maternity: Leota Maternity Unbagging & Review

Recently received my package from Leota of goodies from their maternity line.
See my unbagging above and my full reviews and photos below.

Both of the items I got seem both chic and  classic almost vintagey,
I cannot wait to share my thoughts…

First, this is the Pansy print in the Sweetheart Style Dress from Leota.
This dress is classy and classic and reminds me of the 1930’s or 1940’s.
The maternity style means its a little longer in the front to accommodate
one’s growing belly. I love the neckline of the dress which is super flattering
and the material is both beautiful and stretchy. I think it’s the perfect feminine look
for any occasion where you need to dress up a little even if that occasion is
just for work. The length is a little long for me – which makes me feel a little short
which means I must wear high heels with this… so I will wear this when I don’t
need to stand for super long periods of time because pregnancy and heels let’s
just forget about that…

leota1 leota2 leota3 leota4 leota5 leota6 leota7 leota8

(Photos by Heidi Cox)

Every curvy girl knows the importance of a wrap dress and if you are
curvy and you do not know – well now you do! There are very few styles
that are beautiful and flattering on every body type and ‘the wrap’ is definitely
one of them… and Leota‘s Maternity Wrap Dress is no exception. I grabbed mine in the
Ember Glow pattern. It’s such a flattering and timeless shape and the color reminded
me of fall with deep purples and oranges. The only complaint I have with this dress is
it’s easy with the deep-V for my bra to peek out or for the wrap area to fold over around
my bust (which gives a little glimpse of the white lining) which i feel can probably be fixed
with a simple addition of a safety pin or double stick tape… otherwise I intend to wear this
dress for years to come it’s a great length, comfy, stretchy and super versatile! SCORE!

ember1 ember2 ember3 ember4

I highly recommend Leota‘s Maternity line for pregnancy and beyond.
What’s your favorite brands for Maternity?