Geek Chic Maternity: Fun Wear Studio Unbagging & Review

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Poke Egg Shirts!!!


These Poke Egg Shirts are just a few of the fun and quirky designs Fun Wear Studio has to offer.

egg1 egg2 egg3 egg4 egg5 egg6

(Photos by Heidi Cox)

I am typically a size medium in Maternity clothes and both shirts came in a size L – i was a bit worried they would be too loose or big and they are a little bit big but I am hoping perhaps they will shrink a little and as I get a little larger they will fit better. Also like other maternity tees with a printed graphic this print is a little thick and doesn’t lay perfectly on my belly — but though it looks weird to me from above looking down – it looks totally fine to others and in pictures… perhaps as I wash these they will wear better and loosen up.

whiteegg1 whiteegg2 whiteegg3 whiteegg4

(Photos by Heidi Cox)

My favorite thing about these 2 shirts is that not only are they cute but the eggs are glittery and so fun!

I found Fun Wear Studio on Etsy.
What’s your favorite Etsy Shop?