Geek Chic Baby: Nested Bean Swaddle

Lulu loved being swaddled at the hospital after she was born.
Swaddling made her feel, ever so safe and warm.
It was as close as she could get to being in the womb
but after a couple of days she started to kick and say…”give my legs some room!”.
One morning I awoke with a fright and so much dread
to find she had squirmed until her swaddling blanket was covering her head.
So, I announced “That’s It… I want my baby to be safe and health-y”…
and we released her from her swaddle to let her little legs and arms be free.
However, I knew that swaddling helped her sleep much more peaceful through the night –
so, after searching I found a swaddle that would keep her safe and tight.
The Nested Bean is weighted so she feels like she is sleeping in mommy’s arms
and because it has a velcro closure it keeps Lulu from any harm.
The Love Struck design is so very cute and the fabric is extremely cuddly
its made from organic bamboo rayon and cotton and is so very snuggly.
If you have a munchkin that likes to kick, kick, kick just like ours…
try the Nested Bean swaddle to help your baby sleep for hours.

Y’all I think I’m the next Dr. Seuss…

But Seriously this swaddlling cloth is very light weight and soft – the design is adorable – the velcro keeps Lulu from houdini’ing her way out of it right away – and the little beans on the chest and sides comfort her and make her feel as though she is being held – and while it is super light material -as these summer months have crept up on us I have a harder time putting my baby girl in anything other than a diaper to sleep.

The Nested Bean Zen Swaddler Premier sells for $39.99 and comes in one size 0-6 months
which is 7-18lbs.

Check out my unboxing video below..

Have you used swaddles? Weighted swaddles? I heard people are now making weighted blankets for adults now too! What are your thoughts?


*This product was gifted in an exchange for our honest review from Nested Bean and all opinions are our own. No Money was received in return for our article.