Favorite Geeky Baby Looks


Us geeky moms are so lucky to be living in a time where fandom is no longer a four-letter word. We are constantly being inundated with amazing geeky style, and it has extended to our little ones as well! Although not quite mainstream (none of these looks can be picked up at your local mall), Etsy makes styling your geek chic baby easy peasy! Plus, you are supporting small business in the process, so it is a win/win.

I decided to compile some of my favorite baby Luna looks to share with you all to help my fellow nerdy mamas that are struggling to find geeky threads for their babes. I’m here to say: Etsy is your one stop shop!

Luna’s favorite shops;

StrangeWays Studios
Little Bear Butt
Willow + Wither

If you visit any of these shops & make a purchase, make sure to let them know that Meli at Fashionably Nerdy sent you! Happy shopping, mommies!