Fashionably Nerdy for the Home: Doctor Who Themed Kitchen Accessories

My husband and I recently took a pretty exciting new step in our (8 year) relationship.

We bought our first house! This super exciting development in our life is also why I sort of vanished from site for the last few months. Have you bought a home? It’s seriously like a second full time job; gathering paperwork, making endless phone calls, finding years of tax info and months of pays stubs. I am so glad that part is over.

Now that the adorable home is ours, I am super excited to get to furnishing it with our own nerdy style. I’m so pleased to announce that I will start posting about Fashionably Nerdy Home Decor for…well…the foreseeable future.

I’m going to start off by sharing a few of the items I am craving for the new house.

We are actually planning a full scale kitchen renovation in the very near future. Even though this change isn’t happening right away, we have already started looking at the perfect accessories for the soon to be beautiful space.

We have had a Doctor Who themed kitchen in our last two apartments. In our most recent apartment, we sort of combined the Doctor Who theme, with a world travels adventure theme.


TARDIS Cookie Jar:

I actually hand painted the spoon holder in the photo on the top left. The illustration was of a bistro scene in Paris, and I painted a set of french doors to be the TARDIS instead. I sort of love it. Sometimes DIY is the way to go!

When we start our kitchen renovation in the house in the coming months, we will take our Doctor Who love to whole new level (we will have blue cabinets). Below, I have featured some of the kitchen accessories that I would love once we have the remodel complete.

Kitchen Must Haves

  1. Doctor Who TARDIS Rugs:  | This throw rug has a few options, but I am partial to the Exploding TARDIS design, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Doctor Who TARDIS Chopping Board: | I usually prefer to do my chopping on bamboo, but this would be more of an accessory than anything else. Wouldn’t want to ruin it!
  3. Doctor Who Inspired Drink Coasters – Set of 4: Etsy – SKirbyCreations  | I love these beautiful coasters to the bar area in the kitchen.
  4. Doctor Who Doctor/Companion Stamped Wedding Forks: Etsy – BonVivantDesignHouse | While we don’t so much need wedding forks, these would be lovely to display upright in a glass cabinet.
  5. Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Towels: | These towels would look great draped over the door handle of the stove.
  6. Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Tray: | This is another item I would like to display on our bar.
  7. Doctor Who Clock: Etsy – UnicornEmpirePrints | This stunning wall clock would be the perfect centerpice to our kitchen. 
  8. Doctor Who Melamine Square Plate Set:  | I doubt we would actually use these plates, but they might be another nice item to display behind glass door cabinets.

Do you have any Fashionably Nerdy Spaces in your home? Tell us about them in the comment box below!