FanMail Unboxing & Review! February 2016 – Cracking The Case

We recently received the Cracking The Case February 2016 FanMail Box to Review. Check out our unboxing and see what we thought of this Geek & Gamer box for Ladies!

The first thing I loved about this box was the fact that I had not seen a theme like this before! It was all about detectives and sleuths! I love figuring things out and doing research so naturally I have always had a gravitational pull to characters that feel that way too! Some of my favorite fandoms were featured in this box including Jessica Jones, Sherlock, Daredevil, and Veronica (freakin) Mars (no one ever gives enough love to Veronica Mars). This also included items from Hannibal, Elementary (so, basically more Sherlock), and a new book and new comic book.

The second thing I loved about this box was how well they stayed on theme and all the little extras like evidence bags and plastic card holders.

The 3rd thing I loved about this box is the info card – not only did it explain beautifully what was featured inside but also had tons of extra info including what is next month’s theme and release dates for the following month of all your favorite tv shows, movies, books, comics, and games.

So, let’s take a better look at all the goodies that came inside this awesome box!

The back of the info card is this awesome x-files post card that if i were still in high school would currently be taped to my wall with pictures of Jared Leto (circa My So-Called Life) and Christian Bale (circa Little Women)… wow, did I just super age myself? Also… those boys have come along way, huh?


Paper Girls #1 from Image Comics… graphics are super duper badass!


X-files Case File with evidence photos and documents — adorable… great prop for cosplaying as Scully… I have red hair – maybe someday I will…


Daredevil Notepad – it’s made from recycled paper & it’s perfectly purse sized for keeping my best tabs on bad guys – do they make this in braile? How is Daredevil supposed to read his own notes?


Veronica Mars promo/trading card — seriously if you have never watched Veronica Mars — you are probably dead to me – one of the best shows… EVER!


Jessica Jones business card — watch the unboxing video to find out a secret about this… also… if you have not yet watched Jessica Jones — you are also probably dead to me – also another one of the best shows EVER!


Elementary Clyde Necklace (it’s a turtle… it’s a necklace, it’s an exclusive…) (Ok… I admit I haven’t watched Elementary but I super love all the actors in it and I love Sherlock so it’s been on my list to watch for awhile… why does everyone have to keep making great new shows – it’s hard to catch up!)


Hannibal – Drink The Rude (I love Bryan Fuller – we at Fashionably Nerdy love Bryan Fuller —
That’s why I feel awful admitting I’ve never watched Hannibal either… cringe)


Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville T-shirt… in women’s sizes
this t-shirt design totally reminds me of Out Of Print Clothing (in the best way)

The Darkest Corners book by Kara Thomas – we got a personal note in the box saying only 100 boxes came with this book and we were so lucky to receive one! Can’t wait to read this advanced copy which came in it’s own evidence bag with press clippings and other info…

So, I totally loved this box (if you can’t tell)!

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