Espionage Cosmetics Nexus OP Harry Potter Unboxing

The Espionage Cosmetics Subscription services family has grown by adding the addition of
the OP (one off – special edition) – their first OP collection was for my favorite fandom Harry Potter
So, I obviously had to have it – and honestly since I first discovered Espionage I wondered why
there wasn’t nail wraps repping the HP houses… so this in my mind has been a long time coming
and I hope they add these to their permanent collection of available fandom, geek, and gamer
themed nail wraps.

Espionage’s other subscription options include
the quarterly Boom Box:
combining nail wraps, makeup, and other fandom accessories and fun items.

and the monthly Nexus:
a nail art battle between 2 wraps with one theme – the winner becomes new inventory
in the Espionage shop.