Divergent Jewelry (And a Giveaway)

Remember last week when I featured some geeky workout gear, including an awesome Divergent themed design?

I started reading the first Divergent book that evening, and have not done much else since. I’m already halfway through book three, and have still been working 40 plus hours a week. I know I’ll be devastated when the series is over and I have nothing else to read, but I just cannot help myself. It is just too good!

In honor of my new addiction, I wanted to share some of the best Divergent inspired jewelry from Etsy, that  I have found while reading this awesome book series (I know, it’s amazing I had time for the internet).

Are you KIND like the Amity?


Amity Earrings: Wear your kindness with pride with these beautiful tree of life earnings from etsy designer, PearlsGemsnCrystals.  The earnings are made of Tibetan Silver and measure approximately 1.5 inches from top of ear wire. Right now, the seller is also offering a deal. Buy any three items and receive one additional item for free. That kindness is something the Amity would be proud of!

Are you SELFLESS like the Abnegation?


Abnegation Bracelet: Etsy seller, Protego (what a perfect shop name for a protector who is selfless) designed a set of 2 bangle bracelets that represents the Abnegation symbol and the color of their faction (grey).  The bracelets feature an oval faceted smoky quartz in a flat .925 silver plated setting and a Tibetan silver charm of a hand. Keep in mind that each of these are hand made, so they may look slightly different from the photo.

Are you INTELLIGENT like the Erudite?


Erudite Necklace:  Alright, so most people don’t want to fess up to this faction. They don’t get the best rep in the book, but so many people in this world are incredibly intelligent and they deserve to represent as well. Etsy seller, JustinePaige designed a beautiful necklace created with the Erudite all seeing eye. This gold-tone necklace comes in five versions, representing all five factions.  The shop owner also lets you choose the length of your necklace chain or the charm can be strung on an 18″ black cord.  Get free shipping on U.S. orders over $35 by entering code USFREESHIP35 at checkout.

Are you HONEST like the Candor?


Candor Necklace: The candor are honest to a fault, even when you don’t really want to hear what they have to say. They make great judges though, and you will always know exactly who your true friends are in Candor. Etsy seller, CastawayCove created a gorgeous bronze necklace, that features the Candor Scales of Justice, paired with a black swarovski crystal, representative of the faction’s colors. It hangs from an 18″ antiqued brass chain.

Are you BRAVE like the Dauntless?


Dauntless Necklace: Dauntless jewelry was easily the most plentiful on Etsy. It makes sense, being the faction that both Tris and Four chose, and while being brave is amazing, it’s also difficult. Remind yourself to always be brave with this hand stamped necklace from Etsy seller, aCheshireMoon. The charm is a nickel silver triangle stamped with the words ‘be brave’ and the dauntless flame. Keep in mind that hand stamped jewelry will always differ slightly from photos, and that the text may not always be perfectly alligned. It’s part of the beauty of the type of jewelry and you will always know that the piece you have is as unique as every divergent.



Divergent Charm Bracelet: Maybe you are more that just one thing. Maybe you want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest. This charm bracelet from etsy seller ZivaKreations is just the way to display your Divergence. All of the charms are made of antique silver with the exception of the flames, which is crafted from antique gold.



Three Birds Necklace: Maybe you don’t have to choose. Tris chose her first tattoo, three birds to rest along her left collarbone, marking the path of their flight, toward her heart, to represent each member of the family she left behind. Now you can wear the necklace that was inspired by the tattoo. Etsy seller, gratefulgypsy’s necklace displays three beautiful, hand cut and stamped, natural brass birds that hang from an antique brass 20″ chain. Despite the fact that the tattoo is becoming somewhat cliche among Divergent fans, I am considering getting myself this ink, symbolic of my own family. While I mill it over, perhaps the necklace will serve as a suitable homage?

Choose your FACTION!


Faction Cuff Bracelet: Remember, your aptitude test results do not have to dictate your decision. Regardless of your results, you still get to choose. After you decide which faction you belong in, you can display your choice (whichever it may be) with this awesome hand stamped cuff bracelet from etsy seller, NovelReveries (she sells book inspired designs – love her company name). This bracelet displays the faction name on the outer band, and the faction motto on the inside!
What faction are you?

Abnegation – The Selfless
Candor – The Honest
Amity – The Peaceful
Erudite – The Intelligent
Dauntless – The Brave

If you love this bracelet as much as we do, the shop owner at NovelReveries is offering a discount just for Fashionably Nerdy readers. Use the code NERDY20 to receive 20% off your order until July 22! I have already bought mine and will be repping my faction with pride this year at San Diego Comic-Con.

Aside from this awesome discount code, the seller is also going to give one faction cuff bracelet for FREE to one lucky reader! You can enter below through a variety of ways, (and can come back daily for extra entries). Contest begins tomorrow (June 23) at Midnight and ends on Midnight on June 30th. ***The winner will be notified July 1st by email (and we will announce it on the blog)! Contest Open to US Residents only.

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Don’t forget to comment on our post and let us know which faction you belong in!

  • Kaitlin Statz

    Abnegation or Dauntless, sometime the kindest thing to do is be brave. The opposite as well.

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      Speaking of kindness also sounds like the Amity. Maybe you are Divergent. 🙂

  • Samantha Rininger

    I totally agree!

  • http://ladykristianna.blogspot.com/ Kristin Duncan

    This is a hard choice to pick only one. I think maybe Dauntless for me.

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      It is hard. Maybe you are divergent. 🙂

  • Christine GW

    Dauntless for me too. Perhaps not what I am, but what I would like to be…

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      That’s actually what I think as well. It’s more that I aspire to be dauntless, but also a reminder to myself to be brave. ~Sam

  • Raine Dawson

    I would choose Erudite!

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      Awesome. The world needs more intellectuals. I cannot deny that I love to read and I enjoy learning. One of my favorite characters in the whole book is an Erudite. ~Sam

  • Angelique Toschi

    I’d probably The Candor or Erudite… but I’d really like to be Dauntless.

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      Don’t forget. You get to pick, regardless of your test results. 🙂

  • http://thewanderingfangirl.com/ Chantaal

    I feel like I would be a weird mix between Erudite and Amity. So hard to choose! I’d probably end up selecting Erudite.

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      We think smart and kind is a beautiful combination. 🙂

  • DJohnson

    I am thinking probably Dauntless.

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      It is difficult to be brave. Good choice!

  • Carrie Soukup

    I’m Divergent – Erudite and Abnegation for certain.

    • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

      Selfless and Smart. You should go into politics. 🙂

      • Carrie Soukup

        I believe me being smart is the reason I’m *not* in politics. *wink*

        • http://www.fashionablynerdy.com/ Fashionably Nerdy

          Good call. 🙂

  • Dario Callender

    This is some cute stuff damn real cool. Dauntless all the way