Black Milk does Doctor Who

We are super crushing on these amazing new Doctor Who designs by Black Milk Clothing. We love the variety of styles, and the fact that some of the Doctors we don’t normally see in fashion have been represented.


This Fifth Doctor Play Dress is the perfect homage to Peter Davison (Father-in-Law to our beloved Tenth Doctor) and makes us feel like we are ready for a game of tennis. We think Stephanie, with her vintage style, would look stunning in this dress.


Our favorite thing about the Sixth Doctor Play dress is all the vibrant and wonderful colors that have been used to pay tribute to the passionate Colin Baker. Much like that iconic Doctor, Anastasia has an excellent crop of gorgeous curls, and a fiery personality to boot. We know that she would turn heads in this dress.


The Glitch Wifey Skirt and Glitch Wifey Top (sold separately) depicts a beautiful landscape featuring the TARDIS sitting among the surrounding mountains.


Bonnie would look incredible in this Doctor Who Mash Up Long Sleeve Skater Dress. We can see her belting out the words to her band, The Library Bard’s, upbeat sci-fi ballad, “All About that Space.” Maybe this can give her an idea for the music video. 🙂


We love a collection that does’t forget about the guys, and Xander would look magnificent in this Weeping Liberty Touchdown jersey. This unisex top is a little bit masculine, a lot bit nerdy, and incredibly unique. It’s not often we find designs like this in geek fashion, and we approve. Now that we have Xander’s Library Bards outfit decided, let us continue…

There is a wonderful selection of crop tops in this collecetion that we think Meli will slay in. She did a beautiful job of pairing tanks and crop tops with maxi dresses for her baby bump. Now that little Luna has arrived, these tops will certainly look awesome on her come spring (or you know, January, since Florida doesn’t understand the concept of winter).

PRI-DontBlink-ReversibleCrop-4-WEB_1024x1024 PRI-DontBlink-ReversibleCrop-3-WEB_1024x1024

 Don’t Blink Reversible Crop 

PRI-DaleksAndTARDIS-ReversibleCrop-3_1024x1024 PRI-DaleksAndTARDIS-ReversibleCrop-4-WEB_1024x1024

Dalek and TARDIS Reversible Crop


The Silence Scream Wifey Top

Since Sam has recently discovered an addiction to nerdy leggings, we know that she would adore the new designs available in this line. Her casual comfortable style make these the perfect new wardrobe additions for her to dress up, or dress down.


From left to right: TARDIS HWMF Leggings and Doctor Who Mash Up HWMF Leggings

Some other designs from this line include:

PRI-11thDoctor-LSSwim-1-WEB_1024x1024 PRI-TheSilenceScream-Bodycon-1-WEB_1024x1024 PRI-TARDISStencil-RevSkaterDress-1-WEB_1024x1024PRI-TARDISStencil-ScoopSkaterDress-1-WEB_1024x1024 PRI-ThePandoricaOpens-ScoopSkaterDress-1-WEB_1024x1024

From left to right, top to bottom: Eleventh Doctor Reef Suit, The Silence Scream Dress, TARDIS Stencil Reversible Skater DressTARDIS Stencil Scoop Skater Dress, and The Pandorica Opens Scoop Skater Dress.

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