Bitter Lace Beauty “Prism” (Rainbow) Highlighter Unboxing & Review

Bitter Lace Beauty is a cosmetics company known for their Rainbow Highlighter and also other crazy pigmented Highlighters.

If you wanna look like a crazy unicorn princess than this is the stuff to use!

The product works well and is priced well… (I think around $15 because they are currently sold out of all their stock until October and I purchased it months ago – so I am not certain). My only complaints are that for a couple dollars more they should include a compact or some kinda protective case and an applicator. As you can tell from the video, I’m still unsure how it is meant to be applied.

If you are interested in Bitter Lace Beauty’s other products here are some cool ones





and if the price or the wait are not your thing… there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make your own rainbow highlighter using drugstore highlighters and cheap eyeshadow palettes


or if you want the cheapest option out there…
apparently Forever 21 is selling a Rainbow Highlighter for $6


But I will say this — I put the Bitter Lace Beauty one on this morning and went swimming and my rainbow was still on slightly – i doubt the others can do that…