Today (June 6, 2015) a group of incredible women around the country assembled to create one incredible event!

#WeWantWidow was born out of a desire to see more Black Widow merchandise from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel, Disney and all other affiliate companies left fans with an appalling lack of gear inspired by the beautiful and deadly Natasha Romanoff (and Scarlet Witch for that matter). As a way of fighting back, these women coordinated flash mobs in locations around the world and unleashed a viral social media campaign that would raise attention to this important matter! Check out the full story, at Riellygeek.com

We at Fashionably Nerdy, wholeheartedly support the movement and are crossing our collective fingers and toes that we see more officially licensed merchandise in the very near future.

In the meantime, if you were wondering Where’s Natasha (#WheresNatasha), as so many others, we thought we might help by pointing you in the direction of these awesome companies that are getting it right, and supplying fans with the Black Widow fashions that they are craving. Cheers to each of you for leading the revolution. These clothes seriously kick butt!

  • Her Universe: Ashley Eckstein sort of started a female fashion revolution just by launching her geek clothing lines geared towards females. She isn’t stopping anytime soon! She is constantly releasing new designs from new fandoms and we have been seeing Black Widow merchandise from Her Universe for quite some time now.

hun_mvl_blackwidowsweater_frontBlack Widow Jacket

hun_mvl_blackwidowshirt_front_04_copyBlack Widow Icon Tee

  • We Love Fine: We know we already told you about the We Love Fine: Age of Fashion line, but we just really want to point out what a great job this company is doing with their Black Widow inspired apparel. Not only do they have a killer Black Widow Top in their Age of Fashion Line, they have a ton of other Natasha inspired looks just waiting to be worn. You can find all of We Love Fine’s Black Widow designs here, but we wanted to show you a few of our favorites!

WMV3134MPRC-285x285 Hawkeye and Black Widow Leggins

5809-14031-285x285Stand Back Boys

BIGDETAIL-BLACKWIDOW-b-1200-1200x0 Black Widow Twist Back Tank (Age of Fashion)

  • Hot Topic: While the fantastic designs that were released from the joint Hot Topic/Her Universe lines have already sold out (we are desperately hoping for a re-release) we still thought it prudent to mention them. Especially because the designers (winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con 2015) did such a fantastic job. They truly captured the spirit of Natasha Romanoff in their works and we adore every one of them.

BlackWidow Black Widow Dress

f641fc8c-2523-4589-814f-26c3a36f2242 Black Widow Costume Jacket

9e3054792d6eb665e7a792c4b46cbde0 Both Jacket and Dress (heruniverseofficial.tumblr.com)

Help spread the word of the #WeWantWidow Revolution! It doesn’t have to end today. We will continue to scour the web and bring you the best fashions from Black Widow (and we will be looking for the Scarlet Witch as well). We added a category to our site called “We Want Widow” and you can click directly on that to find all posts pertaining to Black Widow and Scarlet Witch Fashion.

Send us your favorite Black Widow inspired clothing, cosplays, outfits, and anything else you can think of. We will post them on our site, and on our social media. Don your black and red and let’s make our message heard.