Welcome To The Future: Back to The Future Inspired Fashions

Last week finally welcomed the arrival of a day that has been 26 years in the making…26 years into the future that is.


One of the things that I always loved so much about watching Back To The Future:  Part II as a child was how magical it seemed. Here was a story about a guy who actually goes into the future and brings you with him. It’s amazing! Cars can fly and hover boards are way cool; clothing is self drying and shoes have power laces!!!!

I have to admit, now that October 21, 2015 has come and gone, I’m a little sad. As of now, this trilogy is completey set in the past, and that takes some magic away from the film. I remember watching this movie as a young child and truly believing that by 2015, we would have flying cars. I remember, even ten years ago, watching this and thinking we would at least have hover boards. While I may have been wrong about that, technology has given us some things  Back to the Future: Part II foretold. Fingerprint entry scanners do exist in some forms; video phone calls are a very real thing; and the Cubs…well, they won the division if not the World Series (still bummed about that loss).

When much else from the film failed to be actualized, I was at least able to find some pretty cool Back to the Future fashion to rock on future day.


I found my awesome color change hat on Think Geek. It is currently sold out (to nobodies surprise), but keep a look out, or even ask for an email from the website when it becomes available again.

ec45_back_to_the_future_marty_hat (1)

While my jacket may not be self drying, it is still a pretty darn good reminder of the future of fashion I waited all this time for! I found the jacket on Amazon, and was really impressed with the quality. It has working pockets (unlike costume versions I found) and it is heavy. If I lived up north, I would legitimately wear this all the time in the winter. In Florida…maybe not so much.


I am also in love with the Flux Capacitor watch that is selling on Think Geek. I have not purchased it, but I sense that this is an investment I may need to make.



Anastasia has been ready for this day, for quite some time. I adore her  in this Back To The Future Skater Dress by We Love Fine.

This dress is already on my wish list for Christmas, and is easily one of my favorite Back to the Future finds.

Etsy Seller, LaughWear is selling an adorable delorean design sweatshirt from Back To The Future, perfect for those of you who actually get to enjoy the changing seasons.


I actually suspect that this post will have a follow up because the more I delve into Back to The Future fashion, the more I find some amazing nerdy must haves.

What are you favorite Back to the Future inspired looks? Did you dress up for future day? Leave us a comment and let us know!