We are Back (ish)…

First, we would like to apologize for the lack of content we have released this summer. Officially, we would like to mark this absence by calling it our “summer hiatus.” Unofficially, both of our “editors” (Steph and I who literally do all the things) have broken computers and therefor lack the ability to do any actual editing. Our sincerest apologies as we struggle to resolve our issues.

Today, I have been struck with a profound revolution! Guys! Our website has a BLOG (Whaaaat?)! I guess this is something I have always known, since it was I who, in fact, added said blog to the site, but I digress… My point is this: As we try to find a solution to our technological delays, we can still bring you, our wonderful and loyal audience, content on some small way. We have TONS of brilliant and wonderful footage from all the super incredible things we were able to do this summer, but we also have a magnitude of photographs. For the time being, we will release weekly blogs that chronicle some of our amazing adventures in Geek Chic Fashion from the past few months.

But first, we have a few very special events we would like to blog about.


The first of which is the nerdtastic geek chic birthday bash for my beautiful co-host ad partner in crime, Stephanie Pressman. The event is this evening and I will be sure to take as many photos as possible to share all the amazing details with you all!
4550306_origThe second special event is tomorrow evening at 6pm at the Wood Room at Hollywood Sports bar, The Parlor in Melrose. We will be hosting a screening for the reality TV makeover show, Girlfriend Intervention. As you may or may not know, Girlfriend Intervention was the spark that lot the fire to create Fashionably Nerdy, so the experience was special to both myself and to Stephanie! We hope you can join us in watching, so check your local listings! The show will air on Lifetime!

I’ll be back to dish on Stephanie’s fantastic birthday soirée!