Up Close With the Hot Topic Orphan Black Collection

On my way home from a business trip in Orlando last month, my husband and I stopped into the local mall. I don’t live in an area where malls are readily available so this was the first time I have been able to go to a Hot Topic since moving to Florida.

I was really excited to check out the new Orphan Black line up close, as I have been drooling over all of the clothes since we first posted the collection on our blog early last month.

Everything looked awesome!

Check out the detail on the cardigan and dress inspired by somewhat crazy housewife Alison Hendrix.  

Look at the little guns in the dress fabric!

I had not even realized they were in the design from the photos we posted.

Love it! I can totally see Stephanie in this retro inspired look!

Anastasia would look incredible in the awesome top and jacket inspired by Helena! You know she would kill this look and she obviously has the perfect gorgeous mane of curly hair to compliment everyone’s favorite murderous clone!

Check out the back of the shirt that was on display at Hot Topic!

The red dress inspired by quirky Cosima would flatter both Bonnie’s figure and her fun and playful personality.

I love this look paired with the cardigan at the store.

Once again, the dress features a really cool up close detail, this time of a helix chromosome. Cosima would be pleased.

I cannot wait to own the look inspired by edgy Sarah Manning.

 As Florida is pretty hot, I probably won’t be able to rock the entire thing until winter, but I love each piece individually as well. I think I’ll buy the tank top and leggings first.

It looks so great all together!

The leggings up close are even sexier.

Now we just need Hot Topic to release a look inspired by Felix (that I KNOW Xander would kill in) and we will all be the most fashionable clone club around!