Top Ten Fashion Finds From Doctor Who

Ten years ago, a tall, dark, mad man with a box told a pretty young girl to “Run For Her Life!”

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, we obliged to run right along side him, and we have been running ever since! 

In the more than fifty years since the show’s inception and the ten years since the show’s reboot, Doctor Who has become a phenomenon. It has united men, women, and children from all over the world, and has become a bit of an obsession for everyone here at Fashionably Nerdy. 

In honor of the show’s birthday, Samantha decided to post a list of ten (in no particular order) of our favorite fashionable and nerdy styles spawned by our favorite time traveling genius.

1. Dalek Apron: Jordan Dene’

This adorable apron was designed by one of Fashionably Nerdy’s favorite designers, Jordan Dene’. She is based out of Brooklyn, but you can purchase items online from her etsy shop. The apron is super comfortable and fashionable; perfect for a long, hard day making souffles! I love wearing mine around the kitchen!

2. Dr. Who Friendship Necklaces: Amazon 

I bought this set of Doctor Who Friendship necklaces for my cousin’s bridal shower. She is a huge Doctor Who fan, and it is something I am very proud that we have in common. She is like a sister to me, and I wanted to give her something that would mean even more, because it would be something we shared a deep affinity for it.

I love mine and wear it all the time! It is the perfect gift for you and your Whovian best friend!

3. Dr Who Regenerations Girls T-Shirt: Hot Topic

I absolutely adore this fitted women’s t-shirt, but must confess, I do not own (yet). 🙂

All thirteen doctors come together on a single shirt, spelling out the means to which the show has been able to survive so successfully for half a century (REGENERATIONS). I love the colors (simple but fitting) and I also really like the font. I would wear the heck out of this shirt!

 4. Witch in the Fireplace: Tee Fury

Tee Fury is actually my go to website for Doctor Who mash-up shirts (and I own my fair share). This shirt, Witch in the Fireplace, (a Doctor Who/Harry Potter mash-up) is easily among the most cherished in my collection. The Girl in the Fireplace is one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, Ten is my doctor, and who doesn’t adore Hermione?! What more could you ask for?

The color isn’t white, and buyers are given multiple options to consider before purchasing. Mine is a dark charcoal.

I included this item on my list of the Top Ten Fashion Finds From Doctor Who, to highlight Tee Fury’s awesome Doctor Who shirts! They have lots of sales, are constantly releasing new designs, and occasionally sell secret grab bag style shirts that are either Who or Non-Who in design. You pick weather or not you want The Doctor Who themed shirt, but other than that, the design is a secret until it arrives. The prices for these are always rather low. My husband and I both got awesome shirts that way.

Shirts are very fitted in the woman’s shirts, and as I like my shirts a bit loose, I tend to order a size larger than usual.

5. Handmade Whovian Dress: Geeky U

I love love LOVE the handmade dresses that Geeky U releases. Each have so much character, such attention to detail, and the craftsmanship is just beautiful. They are also just darn sexy!

The sweetheart cut neckline is probably my favorite detail, and the dresses are super easy to accessorize with jewelry, adorable Geeky U backpacks, or even a cute little cardigan. Don’t let the price tag scare you. You are paying for something handmade and of impeccable quality. This dress is an investment that will last as long as you care for it.

6.  Police Box Blueprints Racerback Tank: Geeky U

I chose to include a second Geeky U item, this super comfortable Police Box Blueprints Racerback Tank, to highlight the diverse range of both products and prices that can be found at the shop. The Geeky U booth is always a favorite of mine at conventions, because I literally love everything they sell. Though this is another item that I do not personally own, I tried it on during one of the last conventions I attended (Comikaze maybe?) and it is just the softest, prettiest, most comfortable tank ever.

 7. Tardis Fit and Flare Tulle Dress: We Love Fine

This ultra adorable Tardis dress is just too cute for words. The top is made of a t-shirt type material for easy lounging, and the bottom has a layer of sparkly tulle, giving this dress an extra touch of femininity. If you love it, grab it soon. It is currently on sale, and I am not sure if it will be around for much longer.


8. David Tennant Aline Dress – Her Universe

This dress, Inspired by the tenth Doctor’s Doctor Who costume, was among the nerdy clothing my husband purchased for me this Christmas. As with pretty much all of the items Ashley at Her Universe produces, the dress is incredibly comfortable and perfect for a day of hanging around the house, a day at the beach, or a day of running errands. It is also easy to dress up with the right accessories, making for a comfortable girls night out look as well.

Stephanie has the Eleventh Doctor version of this dress, but it doesn’t seem to be available right now. If you find it, I would also highly recommend that dress.

If your Doctor is Nine, Her Universe also sells a version of the dress inspired by the costume Christopher Eccleston wears.


I really want to pair this dress with my leather jacket for some extra Ninth Doctor fun!

9. Exclusive Doctor Who K9 Slippers – Think Geek


Okay, so these slippers may be more bed time fashionable than real life fashionable, but that are just too precious to keep off this list. I love K9!

Think Geek is actually my usual website for our fashionably nerdy home decor, but they also stock a great selection of affordable clothing items.

These K9 house slippers quickly joined my wish list alongside the Exploding Tardis Rug and the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Peeler (we have a Doctor Who kitchen). I’m sure I need these slippers to keep my feet warm while I’m washing dishes, and using my Tardis and Dalek salt and pepper shakers.

10. Beware the Weeping Angels – Think Geek

Gentlemen! This item is especially for you.

I bought this shirt for my husband a long time ago (back before we were even engaged). This tee was inspired by these famous lines:

“The angels have the phone box.” That’s my favorite. I’ve got that on a t-shirt!
-Larry Nightingale, “Blink”

Blink, having been the first episode either my husband or I ever watched of Doctor Who, is still one of our favorites. When I saw this shirt, I knew I had to buy it. Despite a a rather exhaustive collection of nerdy shirts, this one still remains high on my husband’s most worn list. A must have for the true Whovian!

These Top Ten Finds are a collection of some of the best Doctor Who themed fashions we have found over the past few years! We have even been honored to speak with some of these innovative designers on our show.

We certainly hope that the next ten years of the show’s run will continue to inspire the best geeky attire in this and any other galaxy.

  • Mallory

    Love that GeekyU dress! So fun, I just pinned it to my Doctor Who board on Pinterest.