Thoughtful Fashion… Carefully Thinking About Your Items in Your Closet

A few years ago I hosted a massive clothing swap because I couldn’t fit all my wardrobe in my closet – I paired down a lot and I challenged myself to buy way less.
I wrote an awesome article about it for Ms In The Biz which you can find here…

Prepping for Pilot Season: Organizing a Clothing Swap

and then here we are a couple years later and I have forgotten my own sage advice my closet in literally bursting at the seams again

So, I hosted yet another clothing swap – this time only inviting women in my general size range (size 8-16) it was called a Nerdy, Curvy, Swap – almost all of the items I donated to this swap were taken – but my friends have impeccable taste so I walked away from this most recent swap with 2 new tees (a Her Universe Star Trek tee, and a Star Wars tee), and 3 new dresses (a Her Universe Wolverine dress, a Her Universe Star Wars Dress, and a We Love Fine Star Wars Dress) — I’m such a sucker for nerdy clothes!!!

but then I watched this video (don’t get me wrong this video isn’t THAT great)

and it got me thinking again about my habits and my wardrobe…
I had boxed up most of my clothes when I got pregnant so I didn’t have to stare at all my lovely items that wouldn’t fit me and boy was it ever freeing – but from fandom themed photoshoots to acting gigs – I have a really hard time getting rid of clothing and I really need to reexamine my wardobe from a different less clutter inducing perspective. So, I’m going to do a wardrobe challenge the rest of 2017…
and I’m going to host another swap every couple of months… to get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit the challenge — I urge you to do the same…

I am going to take items from my closet and try to style them at least 5 different ways – If I can’t find 5 drastically different ways to style them I should kick them to the curb (or at least give them awesome new homes…)

for example I will return you to my Ms In The Biz Article

Prepping for Pilot Season: Organizing a Clothing Swap

So, let’s all take 1 item at a time from our closet and try to style it at least 5 different ways – post a photo collage on social media and tag us ( ) and we can inspire each other as a community to pair down – to upcycle and recycle and share awesome items with our friends – also tag the brands of the clothing you are using I’m sure they would love to see how you are styling their pieces!