The Newest Member(s) Of Our Team! Welcome Meli (+)!


So, our family is expanding again! We could not be more thrilled to introduce you to Meli!
We found Meli when she launched her show “The FanGirl Diaries” right around the same time we launched Fashionably Nerdy. We connected with her and her friends right away and saw our similar interest and similar love for being Geek Chic. We always liked to think of TFGD as our sister show on the East Coast. We had kept in touch via the internet and last year at Comic Con finally got to meet and hang out! So, after the announcement of Meli expecting her first child  (they announced this with the cutest Harry Potter themed baby announcement ever) and Samantha moving to Florida – it just clicked! We knew instantly what needed to happen…

Please give the warmest of welcomes to Meli Lovio Sanchez who will be our Geek Chic Mommy & Kids Correspondent
In an effort to let you get to know her better we asked her a few simple questions…

1) Whats your favorite fandom? Harry Potter
2) What’s your favorite color/s? pink & green
3) What’s the hardest part of being an expectant Mom?
Being overwhelmed with information! Also, hoping you are making all the right decisions
4) What is your favorite article of clothing at the moment / also your favorite accessory?
Dresses and maxi skirts/favorite accessories are arm candy!
5) What are you looking forward to as part of the Fashionably Nerdy Team?
I am looking forward to working with a group of talented, creative and intelligent ladies and gentleman that can bring a little fun and fashion to the forefront of the geeky girl community.


We are just so happy to have Meli & her daughter to be, Luna (coming in October!)

  • Jack Saat

    This is so great!!! So happy to see more people join the team!!