The Fashion Finds of Geek 360

I was so excited when the ladies at invited me to bring a Fashionably Nerdy segment to Season 2 of Geek 360. As you know I am so passionate about connecting fans with designers and designers with fans! I saw this as such a wonderful opportunity to build on the relationships we have at Fashionably Nerdy with our designers and friends and also a new way to reach out to more designers and companies we haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet.

I am so pleased with the outcome of this segment this season and wanted to share with you a list of the designers featured along with the matching segments!

I present to you the Fashionably Nerdy Fashion Finds from Season 2 of Geek 360!

1) Gold Bubble Clothing

2) Her Universe

3) Espionage Cosmetics

4) We Love Fine

5) Geeky U

6) Frakkin Frocks

7) Whosits & Whatsits

8) Gamer Concepts


I hope you found a new favorite designer this season & I cannot wait to share all the designers we have lined up for Season 3!
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