The Designs That Won’t Walk the Runway

The Fashion Show at SDCC put on by Her Universe, Hot Topic, and Nerdist has only happened once but has become an instant hit of San Diego Comic Con. So, it’s no surprise that this, 2nd year the competition is stiff and makes it difficult to choose the 25 final designs (last year there were 36 designs chosen) that would walk the runway with the addition of probably 100’s if not 1000’s of new entries I’m positive it was a very tough decision. Each designer could submit up to 3 designs and even though the following designs will not walk the runway with a chance to win the top prize (designing a collection for Her Universe & Hot Topic) they are still amazing and creative works of fashion that deserve to be shared in hopes that they will eventually get made by their designers. These are just a sampling of the amazing work out there that was sent in by designers so we could show you their stunning work – we will add more designs as people send them in – so keep checking in to see more!

She Hulk by Dina Kampmeyer

Final Fantasy by Shea Leigh

5th Element & Halo Designs by Claire Max
10360709_825989750787870_65961646882900112_n 20685_825176094202569_6197976609823096813_n

Jessie Pridemore’s Tron & World of Warcraft designs
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Linda Heredia’s X-MEN, Harley Quinn, & Flash Designs
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Amanda Avery’s Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Spiderman designs
11150694_10207022525707665_4857000968223418025_n 11195339_10207031639735510_1752104345_n 11210111_10207031640455528_728002144_n

Judy Grivich’s Alien design

We also want to congratulate the designs that did get picked we are so excited to see our friends and designers share their work that did get selected including Meredith Placko, Jennifer Newman & Leetal Platt! I think the most exciting thing about this competition is the chance to be exposed to new designers and encourage already established designers to design for our favorite fandoms! I cannot wait to see all the spectacular designs we know nothing about yet walking the runway and the convention floor come July!