The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Pokemon Fans!

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This is the time of year for giving but it can often be difficult to find a unique gift that the people in your life will love.   Well, we are here to help! We have put a list together with something for the Pokémon trainers and masters in your life.

Holiday gift list for the Pokémon fan in your life:

1) Wall art 

Etsy has tons of great unique options like this one

2) A unique shirt featuring their Pokémon go team logo 

Sporty tops like this are great for all ages and genders of Pokemon Trainers on your gift list

3) A cool snap back hat featuring their Pokémon go team 

For when you want everyone around to know exactly who is overthrowing the gym

4) Super cool duffle bag

Check out this Pokeball bag from Amazon

5) A one of a kind dress
like this one from Girl With 1 Eye Clothing…

This article was written by Owner and Designer of Girl With 1 Eye Fashion‘s Kimberly as part of our Daily December posts featuring Guest Contributors!

Girl With 1 Eye makes handmade, one of a kind clothing for the geeky type.
a little bit more about Kimberly and her brand:

“It all began with just a little fear as motivation

I started this brand after I was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma. This was a tumor that was behind my retina. Luckily, I have recovered with very little permanent damage. However, while I lay around the house with my eye taped into my face, I was surprised to find that one of the things I most worried about with the possibly of losing my sight was that I may not be able to sew again. I have been sewing since I was 10 years old, and I find joy in creating unique designs both for myself and others, so I promised myself that as I recovered, I would begin to create and share my designs with the world.

It was something that I had wanted to do for ages, but I never seemed to be able to motivate myself. Perhaps my title of “fear as motivation” is not quite accurate, as during my whole experience with cancer, I was honestly hardly afraid. I think however that it put things in perspective for me and I decided that there was no point in waiting around any more.

I had friends and family that consistently told me I should start selling my work to others, so here I go! A guilty pleasure of mine is being asked where I bought my outfit, and being able to hand someone my business card and give them my “elevator speech”. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to see someone wearing and loving an item I have created.

So, thought I have been sewing most of my life but have never received what would be called formal training in either sewing or pattern making, I make things up as I go along, and continually challenge myself to get better. I get my inspiration from everywhere; movies, art work, hours upon hours of browsing the internet. I find that life itself is my biggest challenge and inspiration, thank you all for your support, and I hope you all enjoy my work!

So long story short, I want to make interesting well-made clothes and accessories, for interesting well made people!”

Find Kimberly and her designs at :
(currently under construction)


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FacebookInstagram and Tumblr –  @girlwith1eyefashion
Twitter  @girlw1eye

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