The 10 Best Wonder Woman Fashions You Must Have!

Wonder Woman has super strength, invulnerability, flight, combat skill, combat strategy, superhuman agility, healing factor, and magic weaponry… and she is getting her own film very, very soon and you should be ready to embrace your inner amazonian warrior goddess or god with your own magical weaponry with these 10 amazing fashion pieces!

1) Hero Within Denim Jacket (men’s sizes) $109

2) Her Universe Wonder Woman Workout Gear at Kohl’s $18-25

3) Wonder Woman Baby Onesie from Etsy

4) Wonder Woman Underoos

5) 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show Winner’s Wonder Woman Collection For Hot Topic & Torrid
(Wonder Woman concept illustrations from Hot Topic) COMING SOON
By Camille Falciola, Jesse Thaxton, and Hannah Lee Kent

6) Love and Madness Wonder Woman Wrap Bracelets $40

7) Black Milk Clothing Wonder Woman Caped Swimsuit $82

8) Castle Corsetry Wonder Woman Workout Gear $75

9) Lattice Back Wonder Woman Bra from Think Geek

10) Wonder Woman Slip On Shoes

I  also have 2 little honorable mentions …

These awesome Wonder Woman Onesie PJs… I could just live in onesies…
if LA wasn’t so hot 5/6th of the year

and this fabulous Wonder Woman Sparkly Fancy Dress from Hot Topic


I’ve always been a big fan of the ol’ WW…

See, I fully support the Underoos — but man my sock game was so good — and the cuffs and tiara – made those myself — a little markers, some paper and a few pieces of scotch tape went very far back in those days…

Ok and for y’all crazy folks out there that don’t want to wear your Wonder Woman Love…
I got some stuff for you too…

We received this book as a gift for Lulu and it is seriously my favorite book of her’s right now…
My First Wonder Woman Book $12

Pinkberry is even releasing a Wonder Woman flavor of yogurt

And I’m also a fan of this Wonder Woman Umbrella

Did we miss any of your favorites? Are you excited for this new film?
Let us know – leave your comments below