Techno-Undies!!! Fashion + Technology = Safety & Comfort!

A bunch of cool new products have come out recently or are in the works to create technology enhanced underwear – yup, underwear!

How about rape-proof underwear? Would it make you feel safe if even if you are attacked your attacker could not get you underwear off? It’s like a chastity belt of the future… and they are raising funds right now to make this product a reality! Not only are they making underwear but they are planning on making pants and shorts too! Check out AR Wear (AntiRape Wear)’s campaign video now – here

Also new to the market are cool new underwear that protects you from monthly accidents and embarrassing leakage moments related to menstrual issues! This product says you won’t even need to wear a maxi pad or tampon while you wear it… We have yet to try it but think of all the embarrassment and worry we would have missed out on while we were growing up if we just had these undies ladies!

So, obviously I think both of these products are super cool – and I am all for technology in clothing!