Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection with Her Universe & Think Geek (Part 1)

Star Trek & Think Geek & Her Universe – how could this possibly go wrong?
We gathered some of our favorite ladies to show off this recent collaboration which is now on sale!!!

Nellie Molina, Ariel Staehle, Kat Andrusco, and Stephanie Pressman channel Starfleet characters in these “outta this world” looks.

Star Trek Ships Mae Dress

This dress has two major things I can’t ever say no to,
a Peter Pan Collar & Pockets!
this is very cute, stretchy, and the print is amazing


Stephanie Pressman



Kat Andrusco


Nellie Molina

Star Trek Bardot Party Dress

This Uhura Party dress fits a little funny on curves
some boobs are flattened, some boobs don’t fill it out enough
it’s too big in the waist for some and too small for others
this is definitely not a one size fits all… however, it’s adorable
It’s retro and fun and the fabric is different than any fabric we’ve seen before from Her Universe.



Nellie Molina



Kat Andrusco

Star Trek Andie Boxy Tee

For a shirt that has boxy in the name – it fits quite nicely
the smooth fabric and beautiful pattern are fresh and perfect for a work environment.



Ariel Staehle


Nellie Molina

Check out our unboxing video below: