Sci Chic Subscription Box: Unboxing Video

“Science is more than a calculating means to an end. We at Sci Chic (sī SHēk) believe science is an art form full of beauty. Come along with Sci Chic as we show the fashionable side of science by using advanced technology to make science and engineering inspired jewelry and accessories.”

This is the first paragraph in the “About” section of, and that was all I needed to read to realize that this is a company that we wanted to showcase. Not only do I love that the company promotes science, they also talk about careers in the science fields, and the 3D printed jewelry they make is amazing! Sci Chic sent us a box to open and review and I was so pleased to be able to work with them. If you are interested, you can find amazing pieces on their website and/or sign up to receive their monthly subscription box. They even have an amazing kids subscription box, for the tiny future scientist on your shopping list!

Though I have not personally tried them, Sci Chic even sells science themed t-shirts. They look super comfy and I love the designs.

*Full Disclosure: Sci Chic sent us one of their subscription boxes to review, however all opinions are always our own. 

Thanks again to SciChic for the amazing subscription boxes, and don’t forget to get your own here.