Samantha’s Holiday Wish List: Hot Topic

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the pleasure of taking my parents around town during my time off. While exploring my city, they asked me to take them to the mall and show them a few items I might want for Christmas, so they could surprise me with something they knew I would want.

I obviously took them to Hot Topic, because that is where 70 percent of my wardrobe seems to come from these days. I had fun doing a mini fashion show of my favorite items for my parents.

Star Wars Her Universe R2-D2 Dress paired with the new Star Wars Boba Fett Girls Bomber Jacket.

I tried on this Doctor Who TARDIS Dress the day it arrived in stores, and about a week before we posted about this line.

Marvel Comics Dress paired with the Marvel by Her Universe Stark Industry Girls Bomber Jacket.

I also showed them this awesome Harry Potter Gryffindor Cardigan, but since it wasn’t available in my size, I didn’t try it on.  

I really wanted this amazing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker Stained Glass Dress. Despite being one of my all time favorite fandoms, I do not own any Zelda apparel. Alas, this too was not available in my size.

I had a really good time sharing my love of nerdy fashion with my parents and I am excited to discover which item they picked out for me to unwrap.

What was on your Christmas list this year? What are some of your favorite stores and designers.