Outfit of the Day: Architect’s of Imagination

I have lived in Florida for almost a year and a half now, and while I still miss life in Los Angeles, I am finally starting to feel settled into life back in Florida. One of the things that makes that easier, is living in the wonderful city of St. Petersburg. This growing coastal city is filled with charm, a vibrant and bustling downtown, and an incredible artistic community.


The Salvador Dalí Museum, located on the water in beautiful downtown Saint Pete, is one of my favorite places in the entire city.


Since moving here, my husband and I have only missed one exhibit at the museum, and that was the exhibit that ended, pretty much as soon as we arrived.

With the craziness of both buying and renovating a home at the beginning of this year, we almost missed the latest show, but we made visiting a priority on one Friday in early June, and made it with about eight days to spare.

I am so glad that we did not miss this one.


For the last four months, the Dalí museum was showcasing the work and the relationship between Walt Disney, Salvador Dalí, and their art. Growing up in Florida, I was a total Disney kid, and as an adult I have a deep appreciation for everything Disney was able to achieve in his life.

Of course, I had to dress for the occasion.


The dress, a full length floral maxi, came from H&M almost four years ago. I purchased it for my wedding weekend in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the dress anywhere on-line for mass purchase, but I did find an eBay listing. Otherwise, any long, colorful maxi would play well with this type of look. I wanted a dress that seemed like a painting for the museum trip.

A few months back, I received an Alice in Wonderland themed Fandom of the Month club box, but I had yet to get much use out of any of the pieces. I LOVE them all, but the nature of the items (a large cuff bracelet, a very long necklace with many charms, and a bulky ring) made them less than practical for everyday wear. Since Alice in Wonderland is an ideal example of Surrealist art in a Disney film, I knew that my jewelry was going to be the star of my outfit.


I actually wore this gorgeous White Rabbit bracelet to the wedding of two close friends when I was in Los Angeles last month.


I love how fancy this piece seems, and the fact that it may not register immediately as a piece of fandom jewelry. At the wedding, it really just looked like a stunning piece of jewelry.


Since the “We’re All Mad Here,” earrings are studs, I have worn these to work a few times. The quote is among my favorites from Alice in Wonderland, since I find it to ring so true to artists in general. Let’s face it…we are all a little mad, after all.


The necklace was one of my favorite pieces in the box, even though it is way too long to wear at work or for everyday fashion.


The charms are all perfect for the Alice in Wonderland theme, and the clock on the necklace even works as a subtle nod to the work of Dali, from his famous painting, The Persistence of Memory (1931).


Other charms include a red rose, a heart, a cork, a teapot, and a key.


The final piece in the box, a teacup ring, complete with tea, a saucer, and a teaspoon, is seriously too cute!!! Though this is another piece that is less than practical for everyday wear, I still find it completely adorable.

I had so much fun exploring the amazing works of Dali and Disney, two amazing Architect’s of Imagination, in my fun tribute attire to a great work of surrealist art.

Tonight, my husband and I are attending the opening reception for the next exhibit, a tribute to vogue fashion photographer, Horst P. Horst. I am pretty excited to see the photographs and amazing examples of fashion au courant. I guess you will have to wait to see what I wore to this one. 🙂