Marvel’s Jessica Jones Inspired Fashion: Jessica Jones

When Jessica Jones premiered on Netflix on November 20, fan girls around the globe heaved a collective sigh of relief. Finally, we get to watch a tough a nails, female superhero leading a series.

Don’t get me wrong, we were equally as excited to see a female superhero lead in the new CBS drama, Supergirl.  However, Jessica Jones is more dark and sinister than Supergirl, and the more mature story line is intoxicating.

Unlike the traditional superhero story, Jessica Jones is lacking in the colorful tights, capes, and costumes usually found in the genre. What Jones gives us instead is a gritty, edgy, dark mix of simple costumes that breathe so much life into the story.

Today, we talk about the signature looks the title character rocks in this cutting edge new series and show you how to dress the part.

Jessica Jones:

Jessica’s look is gritty and tough, yet simple. She usually sports a black leather jacket or dark hoodie over a tank top, long sleeved shirt or flannel, with faded or ripped jeans.

Her only real accessory choices consist of fingerless gloves, and a chunky scarf; which are most likely more for practical necessity, as the setting of the story is in a fairly cold climate.

Her standard footwear consists almost exclusively of boots.

Jones is a character that really just doesn’t give a crap about what she wears. She doesn’t put thought into her “look” though her choices still speaks volumes about who she is as a person: Traumatized, guarded, and tough as hell.


Get her look:

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Which Jessica Jones Character’s Fashion would you like us to talk about next?