Marvelous Leggings Available for Pre-order!

We Love Fine is known for giving fans just what they want, and this time they’re giving your legs what they need. With their marvelous new line of Marvel Leggings available to pre-order now; from Groot to Captain marvel, you’ll want to get your hands… or legs on these awesome finds.

So whats on the menu?!

Let’s start by sharing two fan funded designs. It is important that we stress the “fan funded” point here, because if pre-order goals are not met by November 25th, these two awesome designs will not go into production. If you like them, make sure you order now.

$40 Pre Order
“Iron Man, Mark 4” Leggings – $40 (Fan-Funded Pre-Order)
“I am Groot” Leggings – $40 (Fan-Funded Pre-Order)
Captain Marvel – $28 (Available now)

There are also a handful of Marvel designs that are currently available on the site. Right now, you can pick up a pair of Captain Marvel LeggingsSpider GwenChibi Avengers Leggings, Avengers Circuit Leggings, Hawkeye and Black Widow, and a Loki design (which are nearly sold out).

So many leggings so little time!

Head over now to get your winter legging fix at We Love Fine!

Leave a comment in the comment box below and let us know what your favorite design is!