Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball 2015

Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball is a Los Angeles tradition that has been happening for 18 years… though this year was it’s first year in a new location, the historic, Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. If you are like me and grew up watching the Henson movie the Labyrinth as a child and wished the Goblin King would wisk you away to his kingdom with fantastic creatures and fancy balls with big sparkly gowns then this is the event for you! LOJ (it’s nickname) is a 2 night event once a year where all the creatures of the land gather in their finest attire (extremely elaborate costumes) to see performances, buy goods, and dance the night away. Tickets start around $60 and go up with add-ons such as VIP tickets (which give you admission to a pre-show and special seating), Tea service (includes sandwiches, tea cakes, scones, pastries, and of course the best tea you have ever tasted), and an outdoor Hookah Lounge. Though general admission tickets get you all you need for a full evening with countless rooms of entertainment ranging from a mermaid cove and lounge, a main ballroom with huge stage performances and contemporary music for dancing the night away, a goblin stage with smaller performance groups and of course goblins, and a ballroom with classical music groups performing and instructional classical dancing tutorials.

One of my favorite things about LOJ is the creativity and beauty of the costumes and attendees. This year I was lucky enough to attend both nights and had some pretty lovely dates both nights… the first night my boyfriend attended for his first time and the second night I had the amazing company of Xander, Bonnie (who was attending with a cosplaying group – cosplaying as Labyrinth characters – she was the worm/caterpillar), our amazing and lovely guest correspondent, Wendy Lee Szany (who wore a Firefly Path Unicorn Horn she obtained from a goodie bag she won at our Comic Con mixer), and our good friend, Ariel Staehle.

Please enjoy a few pictures from both evenings and there will be video footage coming soon…
Michelle (Chubby Bunny Designer) came in an elevated Sailor Moon Formal Cosplay Group and actually made her dress originally for her wedding —- it’s so cool that she can wear her gorgeous dress again
IMG_0010 IMG_0011   IMG_0017_2  IMG_0021 IMG_0023_2

We caught an awesome performance by the band Windows to Sky that perform both covers (including the theme from Firefly) and original songs


My makeup from night one included these really awesome stick on star decorations from UK brand, Face Lace.
IMG_4038_2 IMG_4039
I also prepared for LOJ by giving myself a fresh and easy manicure from Espionage Cosmetics – I chose the “Smashing” design because I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear and figured these would match a lot of things… Espionage Nailed it! Nail Wraps are a super easy way to get a great looking manicure super quickly!

Arm candy is the best accessory – I am lucky that my boyfriend is super easy going and was willing to wear anything I wanted – I decided to give him some cute little horns and a black eyeshadow mask and I think he was adorable… I also rocked a horn – a beautiful dark unicorn horn from Firefly Path.
We visited the Viscount’s desk and played a round of Chess – he is a Chess Master – so of course he beat me – no mercy!
Ran into some friends Lennon and Cara (Cara’s dress is by Frakkin Frocks)
IMG_4076_2 IMG_4099 IMG_4105 IMG_4107_2 IMG_4108_2 IMG_4112

For night 2 my makeup look included intense mineral pigment in shade, Not Today by Espionage Cosmetics
IMG_4169 IMG_4176
Wendy & I both found these hidden keys that took us to a special performance at 10:15pmIMG_4178
Found our friends Kate & Tom wearing outfits inspired by The Chronicles of NarniaIMG_4181
Wendy found gorgeous Mermaids in the lounge…IMG_4185
We took a little break in the Hookah Lounge which is a wonderful place to stop and chat and take some really nice photos while giving our feet a rest
We ran into JoEllen from Firefly Path and Wendy got to show off her Firefly Path Unicorn Horn to it’s creator!
Look at this really awesome Butterfly Costume
The stage shows were made even more fabulous and spectacular by a huge fire-breathing dragon
Our Fashionably Nerdy Team for Night 2!
IMG_4190 IMG_4191
One of our favorite parts of the night was catching up with our friend Bennett
One of the best costumes was Baccus (Cary Kingdom) that always had a full cup or 2 of wine and real grape vines on his head – Cary is always fully in character and this was not an exception – We love seeing his choices!
Bonnie’s Costume led to many beautiful photos
More Windows to Sky featuring Bennett and JustineIMG_8392 IMG_8396_2 IMG_8399 IMG_8403 IMG_8410 IMG_8413  IMG_8418
The beautiful Kelly Cercone (winner of 2015 Her Universe Fashion Show) and Caitlin DoLittleIMG_8420_2 IMG_8421_2 IMG_8423   IMG_8426 IMG_8432
IMG_8437_2 IMG_8447  IMG_8453_2 IMG_9908 IMG_9913 IMG_9915_2 IMG_9921_2
IMG_9974_2 IMG_9975_2   IMG_9982_2 IMG_9983
IMG_9984_2  IMG_9986_2 IMG_9988_2
and me ….
IMG_9989_2 IMG_9991_2 IMG_9992
IMG_9993 IMG_9994 IMG_9995   IMG_9998_2

and lastly our lovely friend and fashion designer (2015 Her Universe Fashion Show Winner) Leetal Platt.
and here is Leetal pictured with fashion designer Hannah Black (Photo by Jace Lindgren)

So, are you going to attend next year?! I know I will!

  • melificent

    I’ve always wanted to attend this! Looks like so much fun and the perfect excuse to play dress up!