Just Say No To Maternity Wear

I come with a very serious question today: Why so ugly, maternity clothes?
It seems like just because you are growing another human inside you, you are expected to become an unfashionable soccer mom (no offense to those very fashionable soccer moms). As my waistline expands, I was forced to start looking outside of my closet for options. I was not pleased. At all.

Everything was frumpy and ill fitting, in the most basic of colors and style. Nothing had any sort of personality, and if you did want that extra something, you had to pay up the wazoo for it (yes, I said wazoo). It just all seemed so…boring and old. I immediately channeled my inner Katniss Everdeen and started a revolution: NO MORE MATERNITY FOR THIS PREGNANT CHICK.

Granted, every woman’s body is different so this may not work for everyone, but try your absolute best to continue wearing what is in your closet or shop at all your usual haunts for roomier clothes. Need more clarification? No problem!

Shift/Swing Dresses;


Thank goodness for Twiggy and the 60’s shift dress. It is saving fashionable pregnant woman all over the world. These can be found just about everywhere and range from affordable to expensive. Best part of a shift dress? You can continue wearing it post-baby. I was a fan of this silhouette long before I was expecting, so I’m lucky to have a few in my closet already. They are comfy and sit far enough from the skin to not irritate your growing belly. Plus, if you will be rocking a bump come summer the way I will be, this keeps you light and fresh.

BB Dakota Dress | Forever 21 Dress | Shop Ruche Dress

Maxi Dresses/Skirts;


As you all know, my go-to favorite so far in this pregnancy. Nothing can beat a comfy maxi dress (or skirt), especially in this balmy Miami weather. I especially like that there are so many geeky options out there for us ladies now. Confession: I totally snagged that Dark Side dress – it’s on super sale, so you should too!

Dark Side Maxi | Boho Chic Maxi | Death Star Maxi

Tunic Tops;


Tunic tops may not work as they used to with a belly in tow, but no worries – pair them with some leggings or slim fit jeans for a hip preggo look. The new trend of high slit tunic tops are great to add a little zap of personality or flirtatiousness to your outfit.

Denim tunic | Boba Fett tunic | Striped tunic



Sure, leggings are tight and usually that would mean run for the hills as your belly expands, but I’ve noticed if you just size up one size and rest the band below your belly, you will be just fine. They are actually my new favorite non-maternity piece in my wardrobe because it’s just so darn comfy. And if you want to add that geeky component to your outfit – it is made so easy with leggings! There are a multitude to choose from out there!

Doctor Who leggings | Adventure Time leggings | Sailor Moon leggings

I hope this post helped all those fashionable moms-to-be out there see the light when it comes to dressing that adorably cute bump. Do not sacrifice your sense of style because society says so – keep doing your thing, girls!