Jordan Dené is Having a HUGE Sale

Our friend Jordan Dené Ellis, the owner and creator at of one of our favorite brands,, is on a roll. She is creating so many amazing new designs, that she is running out of room for her current supply. What on earth is a busy designer (who lives in a city that is infamously low on storage space) to do?

Have a sale, of course. A big one. In fact, Jordan thinks she may be losing it…

For the rest of September she is having huge sales on almost everything in her inventory. Sales even include some of her newest items.

Never+Tell+Me+The+Odds+Tank+-+Jordandene+Shirt Never+Tell+Me+The+Odds+Tshirt+-+Jordandene

Her new “Never Tell Me the Odds” tank and tee are on sale for $5 and $10 off, respectively. Get them just in time for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens!

One of the best deals in her sale is the normally $25, The Game Is On Tank | Sherlock Unisex Shirt, marked down to just $8! Even if the super long awaited (don’t really want to wait anymore, but we will wait forever for you) series four of Sherlock won’t be coming until 2017, it’s never too early to snag this comfy Sherlock inspired tank. After all, if we have to wait well over another year for the season, we might as well be comfortable and stylish while waiting!

Lots of other amazing styles are also on sale, including but not limited to these great designs:

FrenchGirls_Tank_crop Stories_Tank_6140_Crop Tolkien_Tank_Ida_Crop

Don’t forget to check out the deals in sweaters (I have my eye on both of these…you know, for the harsh Florida winters):

Mischief+Managed+Sweatshirt+-+Teal+-+Jordandene stories_sweatshirt_heather_CROP

She even has sales on undies!

IMG_0021 GameofThrones_Boyshort_5841_edit HelloSweetie_Boyshort_5857_edit

If you love to cook as much as Stephanie and I do, than make sure you check out her sales on aprons as well. Fun fact: The Dalek apron was one of the very first Jordan Dené pieces I ever owned.

BananaStand_Apron_Hostess_Crop Dalek_Apron_Hostess_Crop R2D2_Apron_Hostess_Crop Skeleton_Apron_Hostess_Crop Tardis_Apron_Half_Crop_02 Weasley_Apron_Hostess_Crop

Find these and all other sale items now at Don’t forget, these great sales will be gone at the send of September, so act now.

Remember to hashtag #jordandene on Instagram whenever you rock her styles. 

Which is your favorite design?

  • Mallory

    I love all of Jordan’s stuff… choosing a favorite is next to impossible!